Update 3:20 PM Eastern: The random legendaries are from the Standard card pool. Waiting until the new expansion launches to redeem it means you have a chance to get a Voyage to the Sunken City legendary, though not guaranteed.

Prime Gaming and Blizzard are partnering up to offer some Hearthstone rewards through the service. From now through September, there are Legendary cards and card packs to be obtained through the service.

  • There will be four Random Legendary Cards available in total.
  • There are three Standard card packs available in total.
  • Each month will have a different item available to Prime Gaming members.

As of our post going live, the items aren't yet available They are now live on Prime Gaming. We're going to recommend everyone wait until Voyage to Sunken City releases before redeeming any rewards though because there could be a chance to obtain a new Legendary card for free.

If you aren't currently an Twitch Prime subscriber, you can get a free trial if you've never been a member of Prime before or start a new subscriptionDisclaimer: Amazon links in this post are affiliate links.

Additionally, Overwatch players can earn loot boxes, and we've got upcoming World of Warcraft and Starcraft: Remastered drops being introduced at a later date.

Quote From Prime Gaming

  • Overwatch: From now through September (9/14), Prime members can claim monthly Overwatch Hero offers, which will unlock a total of four Legendary Loot Boxes and three Standard Loot Boxes. Today until 4/27, Prime members can redeem the first Prime Gaming Overwatch drop, which includes a Legendary Loot Box.
  • Hearthstone: Climb the ranks with the Prime Gaming Hearthstone in-game content drops. From now through September (9/14), Prime members can claim monthly Hearthstone offers for a total of four Random Guaranteed Legendary Cards and three Standard Card Packs for PC, Android or iOS. Today until 4/27, members can claim the first Prime Gaming Hearthstone drop, which includes a Random Guaranteed Legendary Card to celebrate the upcoming launch of the title’s latest expansion, Voyage to the Sunken City, on April 12.

Quote From Amy Jantzer

It is a Random Standard Legendary. When you claim it, the Legendary will be from one of our standard sets at the time of claiming it. So if you claim before April 12th it will not include ones from the Sunken City expansion.