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Voyage to the Sunken City Demon Hunter Flavor Text

  • Xhilag of the Abyss - When ancient heroes drove a felhunter into the sea, they thought it was the end. But for Xhilag, it was only the beginning...
  • Lady S'theno - Only a S'theno deals in absolutes.
  • Coilskar Commander - Then thou shalt count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out.
  • Wayward Sage - Carry on my wayward sage. There'll be peace and no more rage.
  • Azsharan Defector - "I've got a sinking feeling about this evil Queen."
  • Predation - No need to worry! The squid is actually being sent to a nice kelp farm upstate.
  • Multi-Strike - ?I said you get two attack, not two attacks!?
  • Bone Glaive - Resourceful Demon Hunters find a use for every part of the Demon.
  • Abyssal Depths - *Happy Wisp noises*
  • Glaiveshark - Can smell a drop of vengeance in the water up to a mile away.

Voyage to the Sunken City Druid Flavor Text

  • Hedra the Heretic - Hedra was cast out millennia ago for her divisive opinions among the Naga, such as "Turning into evil underwater serpent people was bad, actually."
  • Colaque - Ten thousand years ago, the city of Zin-Azshari fell to the bottom of the sea... and partially onto Colaque's shell.
  • Seaweed Strike - Even as mechs, fish will still end up wrapped in seaweed.
  • Bottomfeeder - Someone keeps adding fish to my deck, and I'm going to get to the bottom of it.
  • Green-Thumb Gardener - Sometimes all a plant needs is, like, A LOT of water.
  • Dozing Kelpkeeper - *Yaaaaawn* wake me up in another 5 Mana.
  • Aquatic Form - How long can YOU hold your breath underwater?
  • Miracle Growth - I?ve got NO idea what?s in that fertilizer.
  • Flipper Friends - Despite the harsh conditions, friends can still be found under the sea.
  • Azsharan Gardens - That's not what I meant when I asked you to water the garden.

Voyage to the Sunken City Hunter Flavor Text

Voyage to the Sunken City Mage Flavor Text

  • Gaia, the Techtonic - Always planning ahead, Ini knew she'd need this invention to protect all her other inventions.
  • Commander Sivara - With six legs, gills, and an impressive array of magic, Sivara is an all-terrain-spellcaster.
  • Spitelash Siren - Refresh the rainbow.
  • Volcanomancy - Do it again, this time with Pompeii and circumstance.
  • Seafloor Gateway - It's all about e-fish-ency.
  • Trench Surveyor - Liquid cooled.
  • Gifts of Azshara - Barber: What do you want? Naga: You ever have a thirst for arcane power? Barber: Say no more.
  • Mecha-Shark - "Why didn't you just build a normal submarine. Only you can fit inside" "WhY DiDn'T YoU JuSt BuIlD anormalsub-WHY DO YOU THINK WREZIG!! If you can build a freaking Mecha-Shark, then you build a freaking Mecha-Shark!"
  • Azsharan Sweeper - The enchanted objects of Zin-Azshari have extremely long warranties.
  • Spellcoiler - "Look, I know plenty of spells. I just need to see one first is all."

Voyage to the Sunken City Paladin Flavor Text

Voyage to the Sunken City Priest Flavor Text

  • Blackwater Behemoth - What's a Blackwater Behemoth's favorite meal? Fish n' Ships.
  • Priestess Valishj - Some of the more stoic priestesses worry that she's living too lavishjly.
  • Whirlpool - In the southern hemisphere, it actually summons all minions instead.
  • Serpent Wig - Legends say that all those who look into her eyes are turned to plush.
  • Azsharan Ritual - The harmonious silence surrounding the ritual was unceremoniously BROKEN when HAROLD began eating stale potato chips.
  • Handmaiden - Why did she unspool the last roll of royal toilet paper?!
  • Whispers of the Deep - And in the darkest of depths, the sailor heard a command from inside his own mind? ?You will also buff my original card to 9 Mana.?
  • Switcheroo - Would you rather fight one Whale-sized Goldfish, or 100 Goldfish-sized Whales?
  • Queensguard - Archnemesis of the Guardian of Kings.

Voyage to the Sunken City Rogue Flavor Text

  • Pirate Admiral Hooktusk - You win some, you ransom.
  • Crabatoa - This giant crab loves to sink entire naval fleets, but it'll settle for a single dinghy in a pinch.
  • Bootstrap Sunkeneer - Part of the deck, part of the crew.
  • Azsharan Vessel - Not even the sturdiest Highborne ship could survive the churning waters of the Sundering.
  • Swiftscale Trickster - If you play your cards fast enough, who's to say how much they cost?
  • Swordfish - While you were partying, I studied the fish.
  • Gone Fishin' - Rogues want me Fish fear me
  • Blood in the Water - Fish are friends, not food! Gilgoblins on the other hand?
  • Cutlass Courier - It may be a cutlass, but you can cut lads with it too.
  • Filletfighter - "What do you mean this isn't the meal you asked for? ! I made you a Fillet Minion!"

Voyage to the Sunken City Shaman Flavor Text

  • Glugg the Gulper - Food can be scarce in the Abyssal Depths, leading its top predators to pursue any potential source of sustenance. Even extra crunchy ones.
  • Radiance of Azshara - Uses Arcane, Fire, and Frost magic to vanquish Queen Azshara's foes. And for her skincare routine!
  • Wrathspine Enchanter - If he could see, he might be better at targeting.
  • Bioluminescence - The perfect card for Spell Damage Shaman and Spelling Bee Shaman.
  • Coral Keeper - This here is Carl. They're in charge of these elementals. Not all of them get along, so sometimes Carl corrals the quarreling coral.
  • Piranha Poacher - This snack certainly isn?t smiling back?
  • Azsharan Scroll - Kids these days are always scrolling on their tomes.
  • Anchored Totem - The Naga devised the perfect retaliation to any pirates dropping anchor in their domain: vandalism.
  • Schooling - A group of Piranha are known as a Scholomance.
  • Scalding Geyser - ?Wow, what?s that land formation called?? ?It s?cald a Geyser.?

Voyage to the Sunken City Warlock Flavor Text

  • Gigafin - How much storage does Gigafin's Maw have? About a giga bite.
  • Za'qul - Everything?s going exzaq?ully to plan.
  • Abyssal Wave - Often followed up with a chasmic handshake.
  • Chum Bucket - Time to go in for the krill.
  • Bloodscent Vilefin - Tired of eating Jellyfish and Peanut Butter fish, it?s moved on to more gruesome meals.
  • Voidgill - If you stare into the abyss, it?s said that it will stare back at you. What happens to those who?ve gazed at it their entire lives?
  • Rock Bottom - I can't... *mrgglrg* understand... *mrgrllrg* your accent. *mrgrlrglr*
  • Dragged Below - I know this is a frustrating situation you?re in, Captain, but there?s no need to curse.
  • Azsharan Scavenger - Some local Murloc populations have adapted to survive in the harsh conditions of the ruins, much to the fascination of Sir Finley.
  • Sira'kess Cultist - "Sira'kess, she's the best! Puts her followers to the test.

Voyage to the Sunken City Warrior Flavor Text

Voyage to the Sunken City Neutral Flavor Text

  • Ini Stormcoil - Before setting her sights on exploration, Ini was known for many inventions, such as the airborne breadmaking dirigible, the hypersprocket 200X zoom binoculars, and jobes (jean robes).
  • Queen Azshara - Hobbies include: Ordering subjects around, making deals with old gods, and taking long walks under the beach.
  • Ambassador Faelin - For thousands of years, Faelin has longed to return to his homeland. Will Zin-Ashari be as he hopes, or are the secrets of the deep better left forgotten?
  • Blademaster Okani - Yet ANOTHER sword fighter that spams counters.
  • Sir Finley, Sea Guide - "No need to worry, ol' chums, I have the map right here. It says to continue going straight down!"
  • Naga Giant - He might be giant, but he?s still a couple thousand protein shakes away from competing in the Colossal Wrestling Championship.
  • Slithering Deathscale - Colossal minions know her better as Slithering Damagescale.
  • School Teacher - She also tutors 3 Piranha Swarmers on her off hours.
  • Smothering Starfish - Is a sucker for small talk.
  • Amalgam of the Deep - Most explorers call it a success to find just one new species. Imagine Finley's excitement when he identified ten at once!
  • Mothership - Has been known to abduct sea cows and leave kelp circles.
  • Crushclaw Enforcer - Yet another case of carcinization.
  • Twin-fin Fin Twin - They call him Murloc Joe, winner of the Big M Memorial Surf Off Competition.
  • Vicious Slitherspear - He goes by ?Fun-Loving Slitherspear? on his dating profile.
  • Helmet Hermit - I?d avoid asking if it wants to join the battle. It?s been pretty crabby lately.
  • Barbaric Sorceress - Her four arms are for casting, and her forearms are for crushing.
  • Gorloc Ravager - Be careful what you fish for.
  • Azsharan Sentinel - For some, the Sundering was the collapse of civilization. For others, it was a great core workout.
  • Gangplank Diver - Cownonball!
  • Excavation Specialist - With the jungles of Un?goro mapped out and the ruins of Uldum fully uncovered, explorers have to go a little out of their depth in their search of the great unknown.
  • Selfish Shellfish - Keeps any ancient book it finds all to its shelf.
  • Baba Naga - A folktale told to Naga children to scare them from swimming too close to the surface.
  • Pufferfist - "...and then I'll hit 'em with the ol' puffercut!"
  • Treasure Guard - The real treasure was the Naga we met along the way.
  • Seascout Operator - The Mechafish are actually totally autonomous. We gave her a fake control pad, as a joke.
  • Reefwalker - A gentle giant with some not-so-gentle friends.
  • Slimescale Diver - You try putting on a wetsuit with scales.
  • Naval Mine - A Naval Mine? I'd rather it be Naval Yours.
  • Tuskarrrr Trawler - "Fish scales? Junk. A gravestone? Junk. This weird looking puzzle box? Junk. AHA! An Ancharrr!"
  • Rainbow Glowscale - She prefers saying that she has Arcane, Fel, Fire, Frost, Holy, Nature, and Shadow Spell Damage +1.
  • Security Automaton - Honestly, I feel less secure when it's around.
  • Murkwater Scribe - The pen is mightier than the trident.
  • Click-Clocker - Allan please add details
  • Pelican Diver - The pelican?s beak is so big, some Colossal minions can even fit inside!* *This is a lie.
  • Piranha Swarmer - One Fish, Two Fish. Less Fish? You wish.

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