We've got a Hearthstone known issues thread update from Blizzard this evening which brings us details on the latest hotfixes to hit the servers. Read on for all the details.

As is the case with server-side hotfixes, no client patch is going to be required so these updates will just go live across the regions throughout the night.

Quote From GnomeSayin

4/21 Update:
We’re currently in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix with the following updates:

  • Fixes the bug that prevented Lokholar the Ice Lord from being granted in new/returning player decks. Players who already claimed new/returning player decks that were supposed to include Lokholar, and have not already earned Lokholar, will have the card added to their collections in a future update.
  • Fixes a bug that allowed Barbed Nets to trigger two ticks of the Hunter Questline under certain circumstances.
  • Fixes a bug where Multi-Strike would prevent a player from attacking the enemy hero with Kurtrus, Demon-Render.
  • Fixes a bug causing certain Duels players to get stuck when trying to enter the mode.
  • Bans Golakka Glutton from Arena deckbuilding.

We will continue to track Patch 23.0 and update this post when we have new information to share.