The five Neutral Legendary minions from Voyage to the Sunken City have all found different ways to make an impact, and each has found a home or two among decks in (and out of) the meta. The new year of Hearthstone has already given us a few nerfs, so it might be a good time to test out new stuff (or, at least, older stuff that wasn't nerfed). For your perusal, we've gathered some of the best performing decks featuring those Legendaries from HSReplay.

The Best Decks for Ambassador Faelin

Ambassador Faelin Card Image

Ambassador Faelin fits best into slow decks that can either Dredge up and play the Colossal minions that he shuffles into the deck, or just summon them straight into play. Our first Faelin deck is a Control Warrior that uses From the Depths (alongside other Dredge effects) to both find and discount some of the expensive Colossal minions, or its own big minions Trenchstalker and Raid Boss Onyxia. There's also a Big Beast Hunter deck that can summon Colossal Beasts with either Sunken Saber or Wing Commander Ichman, and an off-meta Thief Rogue deck that hopes to get a Colossal minion back when it plays Tess Greymane.

The Best Decks for Blademaster Okani

Blademaster Okani Card Image

Okani's permission is something a lot of players have been seeking over the past few weeks, as the notoriously persnickety Blademaster inteferes with their ability to play their cards. Although he is most common in aggressive decks looking to delay slower opponents, he has uses in a variety of archetypes. Pirate Rogue and Face Hunter, both fast decks, make good use of his effect, but perhaps most interesting is the Control Paladin list that pairs him with another Blademaster and hopes he can make things much harder for an opponent trying to deal with an Immortalized in Stone.

The Best Decks for Ini Stormcoil

Ini Stormcoil Card Image

Nothing too surprising: Ini Stormcoil obviously wants to play with a lot of Mechs, so there's no better home for her than in two Mech decks from the classes that got the most Mech support. Whether she's doubling up The Leviathan or a Mecha-Shark, Ini makes any Mech deck better.

The Best Decks for Queen Azshara

Queen Azshara Card Image

Queen Azshara and her Relics are at home in a number of slower decks, most notably in Ramp Druid. However: with both Kazakusan and Miracle Growth catching a nerf, it's hard to tell if that deck will remain powerful. Instead, we've found three other decks that can also use Azshara: both the Control Paladin and Fel DH have plenty of spells to cheaply trigger the Queen's battlecry and make use of one of her Relics. This Burn Shaman, meanwhile, is probably looking for a Colossal from the Horn of Ancients to pair with Bioluminescence, but perhaps could be persuaded to take Xal'atath in the right situation.

The Best Decks for Sir Finley, Sea Guide

Sir Finley, Sea Guide Card Image

Sir Finley, Sea Guide is at his best in aggressive decks that depend on powerful Sunken cards. Like Murlock, which wants to find Sunken Scavenger to make its Murlocs bigger, or Aggro Druid, which needs Sunken Gardens to make all its minions bigger. Hear us out, though. With Raid the Docks catching a nerf, this Pirate Warrior that uses Finley in conjunction with From the Depths to draw a lot of cheap Pirates quickly might be the archetype's new best way of playing to win.

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