The third Masters Tour event of the year took place last weekend with almost 400 players battling it out in an online tournament. You can re-live the action with our spoiler-free post below.

Top 8 Decklists

These decks carried their respective pilots to the final eight.

Top 8

Cursed's Decks

FaceOff's Decks

Habugabu's Decks

Leta's Decks

msbc's Decks

Orange's Decks

posesi's Decks

Sabito's Decks


You can find the VoDs of the three days of competition below, with timestamps provided by HSEsports.

Day 1:

Day 1 Timestamps

Day 2 :

Day 2 Timestamps

  • 0:00:00 | Day 2 Countdown
  • 0:16:54 | Day 2 Introduction
  • 0:30:08 | Rd. 5 Ghost vs trahison
  • 1:31:23 | Rd. 5 jaylong vs MERO (1-1)
  • 2:24:34 | Rd. 6 Burro vs jwc
  • 3:55:48 | Rd. 6 xBlyzes vs illusion (0-1)
  • 4:29:40 | Rd. 7 TheViper94 vs Leta
  • 5:38:25 | Rd. 7 nejiboston vs levik (2-1)
  • 6:14:03 | Rd. 8 FaceOff vs kwanwoo
  • 7:27:25 | Rd. 8 shiinamahiru vs Bunnyhoppor (0-1)

Day 3:

Day 3 Timestamps


You can find out how the Top 8 single-elimination bracket played out within the spoiler below. The preceding Swiss results can be found on Battlefy.

Top 8 Results


Now that the dust has started to settle after the nerfs, Druid emerged as the #1 pick for the tournament based on OffCurve's lineup data. Demon Hunter and Hunter followed closely, carried with their vastly popular Aggro and Quest archetypes, respectively. Warriors, led by their more Control-oriented variants, came fourth. Although Boar Priest doesn't seem too good in HSReplay's meta stats, it was one of the most popular archetypes brought to this tournament. While all classes saw play during the tournament, Warlocks were the clear losers with a mere ~10 picks altogether. Result-wise, Druids' performance was one of the worst with 45% winrate whereas Demon Hunter shone with 55% winrate in Battlefy's stats.

Result-based Discussion

Top 8 of the tournament featured plenty of familiar faces, as current and previous Grandmasters Leta, Orange, and posesi all made it to the top cut, and they were joined by Habugabu and msbc who had already been in the same situation before. In the end, msbc was able to take home the title with a clean 3-0 sweep over Cursed in the grand final.

In addition to the glory and prize money, spots on both Summer Championships and Grandmasters: Last Call were on the line in this tournament. The players that earned their place among the 12 Grandmasters continuing to Season 2 were Judgement, levik, Orange, and Habugabu.

Players joining the top 4 Grandmasters from each region for GM Season 2.

The players qualified for the reinstated Seasonal championships are not as easily listed due to Blizzard's rules not being that clear, but assuming they follow the usual tiebreakers, at least the four players above should be qualified along these seven:

Players guaranteed to be heading to Summer Championships.

DeadDraw, FaceOff, and UchihaSaske are also likely to be qualified, whereas additional tiebreakers might be necessary to round up the 16 participants with two players from the following: Furyhunter, Monsanto, che0nsu, Dizdemon, and Jiuqianyu.

Hearthstone esports year continues with Lobby Legends - Noblegarden, the second edition of the new Battlegrounds tournament series, in two weeks! Don't forget to tune in!