Put on your detective caps and let's find out who dun it! Murder at Castle Nathria is coming and with it, 135 new cards enter constructed play in Hearthstone. The launch of an expansion is a joyous time, but it can also be stressful with so many things happening all across the tavern. 

Welcome to the Out of Cards Murder at Castle Nathria Survival Guide, where we're going to make that introduction into Revendreth a little bit easier. This is a general overview, with relevant links to other resources on the site should you wish to learn any additional details. Now, let's get into the castle interior and start solving the crime! 

When Does Murder at Castle Nathria Launch?

Murder at Castle Nathria should launch at or around 10 AM Pacific (1 PM Eastern, 19:00 CET). Refer to the countdown below - make sure your computer's clock is correct.

14 Hours 23 Mins 49 Secs

Murder at Castle Nathria Quick Facts

  • 135 new cards have been added to the game - Visit our Murder at Castle Nathria Expansion Guide to see them all.
  • New Keyword: Infuse - Play the card like normal or wait until the specified amount of friendly minions die to gain  additional benefits. (Learn More)
  • New card type: Locations - Untargetable cards that occupy a space on the board and have abilities that the players can activate.
  • New mechanic: Suspicious Minions - Minions that let you Discover a card, but give your opponent a copy as well if they can guess your pick.
  • Each class gains support for various archetypes, but 3 of them get to play with something more distinct:
    • Relics for Demon Hunters - Cards that start off weak, but which upgrade each other when played. 
    • Wildseeds for Hunter - Uncollectible minions with powerful effects that are summoned by other cards, but which start dormant for a number of turns.
    • Volatile Skeletons for Mage - A 2/2 neutral minion that deals 2 damage to a random enemy upon death, which Mages can summon and trigger using a number of their class cards.

If you want to know more about Infuse, Locations, Suspicious cards, and other Castle Nathria mechanics, consider visiting out Mechanics Overview Analysis for Murder at Castle Nathria.

Insatiable Devourer Card Image Theotar, the Mad Duke Card Image Kael'thas Sinstrider Card Image Remornia, Living Blade Card Image 

Murder at Castle Nathria Freebies

We've got a couple of freebies in Murder at Castle Nathria, including the early Rewards Track.

Prince Renathal Card Image Sire Denathrius Card Image Sir Finley Card Image

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All Legendary Murder Suspects

Okay, but who has really offed the estemeed Sire Denathrius? Assuming it's all not an elaborated ruse on his part. We may have to wait until the Mini-Set to learn the answer to that question, as apparently there won't be any solo adventure content being released for Murder at Castle Nathria. 

10 Murder Suspects represent 10 unique Legendary cards, each one standing in for a Hearthstone class. This ongoing theme also extends to special class (Covenant) spells. 

Artificer Xy'mox Card Image Sesselie of the Fae Court Card Image Ara'lon Card Image Kel'Thuzad, the Inevitable Card Image

Stewart the Steward Card Image Pelagos Card Image Necrolord Draka Card Image Baroness Vashj Card Image

Imp King Rafaam Card Image Decimator Olgra Card Image

What Are Locations?

The first new card type we've seen in 5 years, ever since Hero cards were introduced in Knights of the Frozen Throne back in 2017. Locations occupy a spot on the board, just like minions, but they aren't affected by any of the usual cards (with the exception of Demolition Renovator. Here's how they work:

  • Each Location has a Cost and a Durability.
  • Every one of them has an ability that the controlling player can activate, at which point the Location loses 1 Durability.
  • After the ability is activated, the Location becomes inactive for the remainder of the turn as well as the turn that follows.
    • This is indicated with a set of closed doors, or half open doors if the location becomes active next turn.
  • Once a Location runs out of Durability, it is removed from the field.

Each class will get a Location for Murder at Castle Nathria. Hearthstone developers have clarified that we'll be seeing Locations more often than we would Hero cards, but not as often as Weapons.

Relic Vault Card Image Hedge Maze Card Image Castle Kennels Card Image Nightcloak Sanctum Card Image

Great Hall Card Image Cathedral of Atonement Card Image Sinstone Graveyard Card Image Muck Pools Card Image

Vile Library Card Image Sanguine Depths Card Image

What Are Suspicious Minions?

Three minions in the expansion let you Discover a certain type of card. However, at the start of their turn, your opponent will also be shown these options, and will be given a copy of your card if they can guess what you picked.

The way it works is, your opponent gets a prompt with your choices at the start of their turn, before they draw. If they guess your card, they get to keep it, but they'll still find out what you picked even if they don't guess correctly.

Suspicious Alchemist Card Image Suspicious Usher Card Image Suspicious Pirate Card Image

What Are Relics?

Three Demon Hunter collectible cards that each have a unique effect, as well as the effect of upgrading each future Relic you play. They start off weak, but can really snowball and overwhelm your opponent with effects that are very overpowered for the cost. Aside from the 3 Relics themselves, there's also some cards that synergize with them.

Relic of Dimensions Card Image Relic of Phantasms Card Image Relic of Extinction Card Image

Artificer Xy'mox Card Image Relic Vault Card Image

What are Wildseeds?

Three uncollectibe cards that are summoned by various Hunter cards in the expansion. They are fairly powerful, but will stay Dormant for a pre-determined amount of time.

Fox Spirit Wildseed Card Image Bear Spirit Wildseed Card Image Stag Spirit Wildseed Card Image

Ara'lon Card Image Stag Charge Card Image Wild Spirits Card Image Spirit Poacher Card Image

What are Volatile Skeletons?

Volatile Skeleton is a Neutral 2/2 Common minion that deals 2 damage to a random enemy when killed. While the card is Neutral, there are a few Mage cards that summon and synergize with it, including the class Legendary and Location.

Volatile Skeleton Card Image Kel'Thuzad, the Inevitable Card Image

Deathborne Card Image Nightcloak Sanctum Card Image Cold Case Card Image

Murder at Castle Nathria Diamond Cards

Diamond cards continue to make an appearance in Hearthstone as a part of the Rewards Track and achievements.

  • Diamond Murloc Holmes
    • Instantly obtainable by purchasing the Tavern Pass and claiming the card on the Rewards track.
  • Diamond Decimator Olgra
    • Obtained by completing the Murder at Castle Nathria Legendary Collector 5/5 Achievement (Collecting 25 Murder at Castle Nathria Legendary cards).

Murder at Castle Nathria New Coins 

Another modern tradition follows, with two new coins becoming available for the expansion.

  • Venthyr Coin - Earned by completing 90 levels of the Rewards Track. (Requires paid Tavern Pass)
  • Castle Nathria Coin - Earned by collecting 135 unique Murder at Castle Nathria cards.

New Murder at Castle Nathria Achievements

Blizzard has added a fresh batch of achievements to the game for Murder at Castle Nathria. If you're looking to farm experience, these have some great potential in helping you complete the Rewards Track earlier than by just playing games alone. You can check out all the new XP achievements here!

Remember: Once the next expansion comes out, in November or December, Murder at Castle Nathria achievements will no longer reward XP, so hunt them down while they are worth it!

Castle Nathria Class Coverage and Day 1 Decks

We've decided to try something different this year, by combining our usual card & class archetype reviews with more Day 1 decklists from all around the tavern. Head down below to check out what we think of the available packages for each suspect, and find some decks to play once the expansion hits.



Even More Theorycraft Options

Be it Standard, Wild, our own crew's favorites, or playing on a Budget, we aim to deliver: 

Murder at Castle Nathria Community Compendium

There's still time to vote on who murdered Sire Denathrius what you think will be the best cards of the expansion! Our Murder at Castle Nathria Community Compendium is live and will decide how good or bad these cards are in the eyes of the players. Come back in a few weeks to see how good our deductive reasoning is.

Murder at Castle Nathria Cinematic Trailer

Continuing the trend of Year of the Hydra trailers that don't attempt to turn into small musicals on the spot, the mystery of the 'murder most foul' takes center stage. And it even rhymes!