Hearthstone Battlegrounds reveals continue, this time with four new minions (plus covering one minion removal), as shared by Spanish streamers CarryPotter & Gotorkun. You can find all the new cards and the reveal video below!

The next big Battlegrounds update, featuring Naga, will hit Hearthstone's servers next week on May 10, and there are still a couple more reveals scheduled for tomorrow. 

New Battlegrounds Minions

Joining the underwater party:

Shell Collector

Shell Collector is a Tier 1 minion. The coin token is a familiar sight. 

Gold Coin Card Image


Waverider is a Tier 4 minion. Minions with the Spellcraft keyword grant a temporary spell each turn.

Corrupted Myrmidon

Corrupted Myrmidon is a Tier 5 minion.

Darkglaze Elder

Darkglaze Elder is a Tier 6 minion and not a Naga (Quilboar support!)

It actually replaces another Tier 6 Quilboar minion, now scheduled to retire (you can certainly notice the similarities): 

Captain Flat Tusk Card Image Captain Flat Tusk Card Image

Reveal Video 

Also guest starring a lone Arena player in the person of Hibadino. A pretty fun watch, you might just end up being entertained if you give it a chance! There are English subtitles available (for the card reveals as well), which makes for a very thoughtful presentation.