It's the final day of content creator reveals for Hearthstone Battlegrounds, and we've got four new minions showcased by Chinese player 小孩无敌 (Kid Invincible). Find them all below! 

The next big Battlegrounds update, featuring Naga, will hit Hearthstone's servers next week on May 10, and there is still one more reveal scheduled for later today. 

New Battlegrounds Minions

Update: We had to wait for official English translations and card images quite a few hours, as they eventually arrived later in the day (we've been embracing the 'fluffiness' meanwhile!); our initial card text for the minions was based on the clarifications that Battlegrounds Lead Designer John McIntyre had shared elsewhere.

By now, everything has been replaced with the 'correct' names, as posted on Hearthstone Twitter.

Pashmar the Vengeful

A Tier 3 Naga minion with Avenge (3).

Reef Explorer

A Tier 4 minion with a Battlecry for a variable Discover option.

Critter Wrangler

A Tier 5 Naga minion with Spellcraft synergy.

Orgoza, the Tender

A Tier 6 minion with Spellcraft. Minions with the Spellcraft keyword grant a temporary spell each turn.

Reveal Video

This was broadcasted over on the Chinese streaming service Huya, so the best we can offer is a link from the official Blizzard blog post. Here is a screenshot of the new (regular) minions as they were originally shown in Chinese, if your language skills extend this far.

And, arriving fashionably (much) later, this short video with all English names was shared by the official Hearthstone Twitter account.