It's the final day of content creator reveals for Hearthstone Battlegrounds, with another set of four minions arriving from Ninaisnoob! Plus two of the current cards being removed from the pool. You can find all the details and the video reveal below.

The next big Battlegrounds update, featuring Naga, will hit Hearthstone's servers next week on May 10, and we might still learn more on Monday (maybe even see the full patch notes).

New Battlegrounds Minions

Here is what is set to come and leave on Tuesday: 

Lava Lurker

A Tier 2 Naga minion with Spellcraft synergy. 

Eelbound Archer

A Tier 4 Naga minion with Spellcraft. Minions with the Spellcraft keyword grant a temporary spell each turn.

Leeroy the Reckless

A Tier 5 minion with Deathrattle. The effect stays the same for the Golden version. 

This brave charging fellow is actually going to replace another minion: 

Deadly Spore Card Image Deadly Spore Card Image

Young Murk-Eye

A Tier 6 Murloc minion with a curious persistent end of turn effect.

This familiar creature will be replacing another minion that currently offers Murloc synergy (but in reality just worked as an extra Discover for everyone at the high Tavern Tiers): 

Seafood Slinger Card Image Seafood Slinger Card Image

Reveal Video 

That's one curious look for Ninaisnoob! Plus a small fluffy surprise in the outro.