We've been busy working on the most recent 23.2 Hearthstone patch that has released and as a part of this work comes the fun of datamining the game. Several new strings, and code, have been found pertaining to Hearthstone Mercenaries and a new feature that involves party sharing! This feature is thankfully already live, though curiously it was absent from the official patch notes.

How Party Sharing Works in Mercenaries

The feature hooks into the friendly challenge interface in the friends list. Within the list, you can challenge a friend to a PVP match of various Hearthstone game modes. One of these is Mercenaries and now there are special strings to illustrate the flow.

Once your opponent allows your request, you can see their parties or go back to your own, with the option to see their parties again - great to compare your parties!

Much like how deck sharing has worked all these years though, this functionality only works in friendly battles. Still, this is a great way for newer players to Mercenaries play with a friend that has a more concrete set of parties. You can trial-run some characters and see if they are ones you'd like to start pushing resources into. Now I just need some of those "friends".

New Party Sharing Strings

There are also a couple of other strings about a disabled mercenary and a party that is considered invalid.

Quote From Out of Cards

SHARE_REQUEST_WAITING_RESPONSE - Waiting for {0} to respond to your party sharing request. 0=friend name
SHARE_REQUEST_DECLINED - {0} declined your request to share parties. 0=friend name
SHARE_REQUEST_CANCELED - {0} canceled their request to share parties. 0=friend name
SHARE_REQUESTED - {0} wants to borrow one of your parties. 0=friend name
SHARE_ERROR - An error occurred while trying to share parties.
SHARE_HEADER - Share Parties?
SHARE_SHOW_OPPONENT_TEAMS - Show Opponent's Parties
GLUE_LETTUCE_DISABLED_TEAM_NO_EDIT - There is a disabled Mercenary on this party.
GLUE_LETTUCE_DISABLED_INVALID_TEAM - This party can't be used.