With the release of the Hearthstone Battlegrounds Beta to the public, many of you will have just begun to get to grips with the new heroes.

Those of you who got early access will know that Blizzard has already made balance adjustments to the mode - and there's plenty more to come! With four new classes already planned, Mike Donais has taken to Reddit to ask for suggestions to inspire future heroes. What - or who - would you like to see enter the mode in the future?

Quote From Mike Donais

Now that Battlegrounds is in open Beta we intend to keep releasing new heroes, in fact we have 4 releasing next week!

Post your favorite new ideas for Battelgrounds Heroes in this thread and inspire us based on your designs!

When designing Heroes we try to have some in a lot of different categories, feel free to design whatever you are excited about. I am going to list the some design categories because it might inspire ideas.

  1. Thematic Based - Like Mukla giving you bananas or Ragnaros shooting fireballs that deal 8.

  2. Clear Build Around = Gain a bonus for buying beasts, mechs, murlocs, demons, taunt, deathrattle, battlecry, divine shield. Similar to Jaraxxus or Mukla.

  3. Simple Clean Designs: Bartendotron, Patchwerk, Pyramad.

  4. High Skill cap: Like Dancin Daryl or Shudderwock.

  5. Fun story moments: Yogg, Akazamzarak.

You can see the existing heroes at playhearthstone.com/battlegrounds

Play a few games of Battlegrounds first to understand what might be fun and post here. I will check it all week so no rush.