Blizzard just announced that on Thursday, May 19th, we'll receive a balance patch. We're yet to know what cards will be addressed, but here is all the other available information:

  • The patch will go live on May 19 (just confirmed by Alkali Layke).
  • Battlegrounds will receive some changes - the freshly released Naga are a bit too good!
  • Standard will get the second balance patch for the Voyage to the Sunken City expansion cycle.
    • Not only we'll receive nerfs, but buffs are coming too!

Quote From PlayHearthstone

Heads up, Adventurers!

Details on our newest patch are coming May 19. Look forward to adjustments to both Battlegrounds and Standard, including nerfs and buffs!

Quote From Alkali Layke

We have some confusion about when the next Hearthstone patch is coming out.  Sorry about that.


Demons? Demons

The targets of the upcoming balance changes for Constructed are yet to be unveiled, but at least we can brainstorm some ideas:

  • Demon Hunter is obviously getting hit: Illidan escaped the last round of nerfs by a very short margin, but its dominance on ladder is a clear indicator that something needs to be done.
    • Drek'Thar has a clear target on its back, but many players are also asking for Multi-Strike to be moved to 2 mana. 
  • Once DH is toned down, Control Warrior may become a bit too good at seizing aggressive initiatives.
  • As usual, the most interesting part of the patch is going to be the buff section.
  • In his recent AMA, Iksar stated that Warlock and Priest are probably going to receive some love.
    • Gul'Dan and Anduin are by far the worst heroes in Standard right now, by a wide margin.
    • Other classes, such as Rogue and Hunter, feel very limited in what they can play right now - this buff patch may address this potential issue too.

What are your predictions about the upcoming balance changes? Let us know in the comments below!