Hearthstone's latest patch nerfed a few cards, but, more importantly, it buffed a wide variety of cards for all sorts of lesser-performing archetypes and also Beast Hunter. While things are still fluctuating in the meta, here are a handful of decks that have been seeing play with those fresh buffs.

Buffed Rogue Decks

Rogue received quite a few buffs for its Thief archetype: Tess Greymane, Tooth of Nefarian, and Wildpaw Gnoll all received a cost reduction, while Hench-Clan Burglar got a little healthier.

We've seen a number of takes on the archetype in the new meta: NoHandsGamer's list plays with Pirates: Edwin, Defias Kingpin, Cutlass Courier, and Filletfighter to accompany the Thief package. Destructor's spicier take wants to cheat more 3/3s into play with Azsharan Vessel by running an extra Dredge in Tuskarrrr Trawler, and has dropped Edwin for Kazakus, Golem Shaper.

Not pictured: SI:7 Rogue. Better luck next buffs.

Buffed Warlock Decks

Warlock was a big winner of the patch, getting buffs both for Murlock and Abyssal Curse decks.

The faster pace of the new Azsharan Scavenger and Bloodscent Vilefin means Murlock can get to buffing its fish a lot earlier in the game. Most Murlock decks are fairly similar, but the two we've found have one major difference: One goes for some added board control with Gigafin, while the other plans to smack their opponents harder with Battleground Battlemaster.

RegisKillbin was showing off this Abyssal Curse list on Thursday and had success with it. Thanks to the buff to Dragged Below, School Teacher can Discover it for his Nagalings--and that means that those nasty Brann Bronzebeard combo turns that used to only happen with Sira'kess Cultist can now be accomplished with 1-Cost Nagalings, as well. It's early, but that's looking pretty powerful right now.

Buffed Deck for Hunter

We were definitely surprised to see Beast Hunter receive so many buffs, but we're fine with anything that gets Hunter away from Questline decks. The addition of an Attack makes Azsharan Saber (and the Sunken one, too) a lot better at fighting for control of the board, and the swole Pet Collector doesn't look too shabby, either. We've got mixed feelings about the extra mana cheat of Harpoon Gun. But, anyway, here's a list!

Buffed Decks for Priest

Priest already had a Boar archetype, and a Silence archetype, but it's still nice to see the class get some love. The slightly cheaper Whirlpool and Blackwater Behemoth looked good enough to Dmoney to make a Questline Priest deck, while Meati saw the extra Health on Serpent Wig and immediately went for a Naga-heavy deck that features the classic Un'goro combo of Radiant Elemental and Lyra the Sunshard.

What fresh hell decks have you been bringing to the ladder? Share them with our deckbuilder, and don't forget to include a guide so people can see how clever you are!

How's the new meta been treating you? Share your thoughts in the comments!