Howdy! This week, we're taking a look at decks themed around an element or more, powers prevalent across Azeroth and other planes of existence! For reference, here's the diagram we're using:

Azeroth World Chart

While that might be quite a lot to take in at one glance, you can see how all those forces are prevalent in both WoW and Hearthstone. Now, let's look at the decks!

Straight Outta' Firelands

Fire Mage! Looking at our map, it's a pretty straightforward element, stemming from the "school" of Disorder. Warlocks' Felfire is close in concept to regular fire, albeit with a bit more evil added to it!

What we have here is a deck where each card is directly related to fire. There's decent synergy left and right, and there's even a Majordomo Executus! I only wish I had the Jaina 1000 Xtreme portrait unlocked when I played this deck.

Flamewaker Card Image Ragnaros the Firelord Card Image Pyroblast Card Image

As one would expect, this deck excels at burning everything. Work your way through the early game with trash such as Fire Fly to keep your opponent busy while saving up cheaps spells and Flamewakers for turns 4-5, where you begin to establish your board dominance.

Ease on into the mid-game by relying on better elementals, and keep in mind you have a Molten Reflection, usable with a Flamewaker to great effect, or with Ragnaros the Firelord if you can pull it off. Those are not its only options, though they are some of the best.

Come late-game, you have the power of a thousand suns at your disposal, with Archmage Antonidas reminding your opponent how fear tastes, a Pyroblast to finish him off, and Majordomo Executus (yes, him!) if you're getting desperate. Getting a Ragnaros Hero Power, even at the cost of your health cap, can still win you the game.

Card Analysis & Replacements

Pyroblast: If you're like me, and after four years of playing Hearthstone, you still have only one copy of Pyroblast (or in this case, none!), opt for something cheaper but similar in effect. Flame Lance, while restricted to minions, is a powerful alternative for almost as much damage. If you want something even cheaper (this deck does have 10 cards that cost 7+, after all), Flamecannon is your next in-theme option. If you want something that retains Pyroblast's ability to hit face, is in-theme, and can also be played with little to no mana, then look no further than Dragon's Breath!

Flame Lance Card Image Flamecannon Card Image Dragon's Breath Card Image

Archmage Antonidas: While being a Fireball vending machine is hard to replicate, there certainly are different cards that can make a difference similarly. Alexstrasza deals with fire and can swoop in to halve your opponent's maximum health, provided you have the damage to follow up on next turn. As a bonus, she works well with a dead Majordomo Executus. Primordial Drake, while similar in stats, provides a small board clear (think an extra Volcanic Potion) and is a taunt minion to boot. If you want to keep it in the family, Steam Surger is still technically fire-related, and gives you a 2-damage spell and a 1/2 minion to keep the swarm of trash going!

Alexstrasza Card Image Primordial Drake Card Image Steam Surger Card Image

Baron Geddon: I'll keep this short: Primordial Drake.

Ragnaros the Firelord and Majordomo Executus: These are a bit tougher to replace. For The Ragnarooster, your only viable replacement can be found in [Hearthstone Card (Jin'alai, the Dragonhawk) Not Found]. For Majordomo Executus, Dragoncaller Alanna might be a decent option. Try and have at least one of those fiery boys in your deck, though. They really can make a difference.

Molten Giant: Remember, if you morph your hero into Ragnaros, these guys will go back to costing 20 mana! If you're looking for replacements, Meteor could provide that which you seek, but so can another [Hearthstone Card (Pyroblast!) Not Found]. If you're in the market for something even cooler, though, Dragon's Fury could provide quite the board clear.

Meteor Card Image Pyroblast Card Image Dragon's Fury Card Image

The Light Will Forge You A New One

You can see the Light plastered smack-dab at the peak of our chart. This is our budget deck. It contains more heals than you'll ever need and tends to take forever to win. But it can win.

Activate the Obelisk Card Image Mass Resurrection Card Image Power Word: Glory Card Image

Early on, you'll want to focus on completing your quest. Do not hesitate to heal your opponent (unless they're also trying to complete the same quest!) and try to keep as many minions alive as you can.

Further on, there's no recipe for winning; it all depends on the situation you're in. I'm a poet, and I didn't know it. Tire your opponent out, leave no minion lying about. If you Mass Resurrect, you and death will never intersect! By the time the light forges you a new one, the game will be long done.

Card Replacements, Glorious Embellishments

Power Word: Glory: If things go awry, Glory your opponent's [Hearthstone Card (Windfury Harpy!) Not Found].

Light's Champion: Much like a champignon, this card is useless on its own. If a demon will not dance, mayhaps consider a Seance? No, that card is not of light, use instead the Ripple's might!

Holy Ripple Card Image

Earth, Wind And Fire - September, But With Desire

Our third and final deck, a combination of power and also regret. This deck is not cheap; it could set you back quite a bit! A highlander at heart, with Zephrys the Great, that's quite some art! Elementals are hot, cold, frosty and sought; sandy, creamy and whatnot!

Charged Hammer Card Image Ragnaros the Firelord Card Image Whirlwind Tempest Card Image

The way to play is easy to portray. Start off cheap, with a Menacing Nimbus to reap. Keep your Lava Shock close, for Flamewreathed Faceless is already a trope. Whirlwind Tempest can do great, as Siamat is quite the bait.

Take a look at your removal, Avalanche can be quite crucial! Lightning Storm can rhyme with... perm, and it can draw your opponent's scorn! Earthquake, however, shall take the cake, for it will make your opponent break!

Card Replacements, Glorious Embellishments

Al'Akir the Windlord: Should you own no Al'akir, let us look at others here: Walking Fountain, a gargantuan, might not look so elemental but fear not, it's quite detrimental!

Siamat: One will find it rather rough, a replacement for Siamat to huff. There is, of course, the Walking Fountain, yet let us find another mountain! Mountain Giant could do great, once your hand is full and in wait!

Ragnaros the Firelord: Ragnaros is yet another, where to find a card is trouble. Baron Geddon, he could do, but do you wish to die, too? There is a rumble, down below, which I think could be our beau. Rumbling Elemental, what a card! Synergizes with our guard, and will certainly bombard!

Walking Fountain Card Image Mountain Giant Card Image Rumbling Elemental Card Image


I must now come out to say, Meme of the Week will go away. Not for long, but a while, until new cards arrive in style! Until then, I'll do the rounds, generally in Battlegrounds! Thank you for reading this site, and testing decks that have a bite! I shall see you all so soon, and this break shall be a boon! Only one month, we're on pause, yet there will be content, [almost] at once! Have a good day and goodbye. See you all next weekend, aye!