Use this one, and you'll never be card-bored.

This was a fairly unusual and heavy start of the month for Hearthstone, as it's considerably rare we get to see a major patch drop on the very first day (on top of it being a Wednesday). And that naturally couldn't happen without a notable bug or several. So it's only now we get to catch a break during a less eventful weekend. 

It's just as well, because we haven't yet had a chance to give this month's card back option a proper shout-out. 'Self-Made' definitely tries to live up to its name, which might hold a familiar appeal to a number of players. Deceptively plain, yet with just enough tape you can evidently get all components to hold together. 

As always, anyone can acquire it just by winning 5 ranked constructed games over the next few weeks. There are no more broken Shaman cards to stand in your way. 

If you want to look at all available Hearthstone card backs, we've got an entire gallery dedicated to just that! Also, don't forget that the game now has a special feature for Favorite Multiple Card Backs - so you don't ever have to settle on just one at any given time, instead being able to choose from a wider selection to randomly cycle through.

Notable Hearthstone Events for June 2022

There is no shortage of highlights for the beginning of this summer period. Some of them have already taken place, others fit into the 'ongoing' category, and there is more yet to come. We'll list everything below in chronological order for your convenience, as it's happened or is happening, with links wherever possible:

We'll be sure to let you know if anything else comes up! The Hearthstone team rarely shares their plans well in advance, but there is a good possibility a smaller balance patch (perhaps also with some Duels additions?) goes out at some point during this month.

Current Shop Deals

  • June 1 - July 14 - Free Tyrael Legendary Mercenary (Diablo Immortal cross-promotion)
  • June 1 - September 12 - Throne of the Tides Mini-Set (Normal version also available in-game for 2k gold)
  • June ? - Naga Rising Bundle (Mercenaries, only available in-game)
  • Through June 13 - Feast Nemsy and Eternal Medivh bundles (Warlock & Mage class skins/packs)
  • June ? - Battlegrounds Cosmetics - Bartender Neptulon, Shipwreck Cove Board, Party Time! Strike (only in-game)
  • Through June 26 - Garona Halforcen bundle (Rogue class skin/packs)

Beware of the rising tides! How has your own busy schedule been shaping up for June, and did we miss anything else that's relevant here?