We're gonna be rich! Master Duel's next festival is here, and it (quite literally) limits you to only one copy of each card in your decks. The festival starts on the 15th/16th and ends on the 26th/27th. Let's see what's in store!


We have the rewards list for the event, and it's the same as with the last few ones. You'll earn 500 Medals for winning, 50 for losing, and nothing surrendering. The reward track in total will yield a total of 2300 Gems, 20 Legacy Pack Tickets, a Shard of Greed mate (in case you missed the full Pot from the first Battle Pass), and the Limit One Festival Title.

Update: The missions for the festival were also added. This adds another 1000 Gems to the reward pool, for a total of 3300 Gems. The missions are:

  • Special Summon a Monster/Normal Summon a Monster/ Destroy a card:
    • 3, 5 times: 30 Gems each
    • 10 times: 40 Gems
    • 20, 30, 50 times: 50 Gems each
  • Duel in the Festival:
    • 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 times: 50 Gems each

Previous events also added one or two more chains later in the event, so keep an eye out for that.

Rewards Track Breakdown

No. of MedalsRewards
5050 Gems
10050 Gems
500200 Gems
1000200 Gems
1500200 Gems
2000100 Gems
250050 Gems
300050 Gems
3500200 Gems
400050 Gems
450050 Gems
5000300 Gems
5500Shard of Greed Mate
600050 Gems
700050 Gems
8000300 Gems
900050 Gems
1000050 Gems
11000300 Gems
12000Legacy Pack Ticket x2
13000Legacy Pack Ticket x2
14000Legacy Pack Ticket x2
15000Legacy Pack Ticket x2
16000Legacy Pack Ticket x2
17000Legacy Pack Ticket x2
18000Legacy Pack Ticket x2
19000Legacy Pack Ticket x2
20000Legacy Pack Ticket x2
21000Legacy Pack Ticket x2
22000Limit One Festival 2022 Title

Loaner Decks

Once more, players have 3 loaner decks to play with if they can't or don't want to make their own. Keep an eye on the site for our dedicated article on how good (or not so good) these decks are.

A Benevolent Force To Be Reckoned With

Anesthrokket Dragon Card Image Borreload Dragon Card Image Rokket Tracer Card Image

Utilize your Dragon-Type DARK Monsters such as "Rokket" to Link Summon monsters like "Borrel". Most "Rokket" monsters have effects that can be activated when they are targeted by the effect of a Link Monster on the field. Draw out the effect of the "Rokket" Monsters according to the situaltion, and fire the gun to vicktory.

Stargazing Fairies

The Agent of Life - Neptune Card Image Masterflare Hyperion Card Image The Agent of Entropy - Uranus Card Image

Make use of Fairy-Type Monsters' effects such as those of "The Agent" Monsters to Special Summon high-level Fairy-Type Monsters such as Majesty Hyperion. Since you need to pay Life Points to activate some effects, we recommend maintaining your LP throughout the Duel.

The All-Seeing Reptilian Eye

Reptilianne Medusa Card Image Reptilianne Melusine Card Image Reptilianne Scylla Card Image

Take advantage of Reptile-Type monsters such as "Reptilianne" Monsters to counter your opponent's monsters. "Reptilianne" Monsters have a wealth of effects that reduce the ATK of Monsters on the opponent's field to 0, and that take advantage of monsters with 0 ATK. Weild the effects of monsters in the Extra Deck, such as Reptilianne Melusine, to seize the opportunity to win

Ban List

Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter Card Image Predaplant Verte Anaconda Card Image Imperial Order Card Image

As usual, this event has its own Forbidden list. We'll only talk about Forbidden cards, because everything else is Limited by default. This list only contains cards banned from this event and doesn't touch on the cards that are banned in regular play.

Are you excited to the Limit One Festival? What deck are you planning to play? Let us know in the comments below!