It's time for our usual combo - weekend and Wild decks. This time it's not just a sightseeing tour around the Sunken City as many of our community members seem to be Questing this week.

Elemental Jade Druid

A triple strategy Druid from Korgano - in addition to the Jades, the deck packs Elemental synergies and an "unspent Mana" package, both of which are embodied by the new(er) Spirit of the Tides.

Highlander Quest Mage

Esparanta has chosen the value Quest Raid the Sky Temple from the available Mage options for this Highlander list. Naturally, any deck that aims to cast a ton of spells is obligated to include Yogg (or two) as its true win condition.

Questline Dragon Priest

Another Quest, another minion type. Neoguli plans to complete Seek Guidance with some scaly friends and cheat out Purified Shard with High Abbess Alura and created spells as the deck itself includes none apart from the Questline.

Conjurer Mage

Remember the somewhat infamous Khadgar + Mountain Giant + Conjurer's Calling-combo? MarkMcKz aims to bring the fun back with the help of Submerged Spacerock, which should increase your hand size early on and allow cheating out some high-cost minions for Conjurer's Calling fodder.

Highlander Druid

Another Reno list from fabituz27, whose series currently consist of six highlander decks for different classes. Similar Druid strategy has been proven to be effective on Chinese Legend ladder as well where mercylong has reportedly reached a 59% winrate in over 100 matches.

Want to witness the Colossal clash at the Throne of the Tides? Brave the Wild depths with more community decks.

Came up with something awesome yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!