While the other stuff being brought to Hearthstone in Patch 23.6 are rightfully getting more attention, the newest Hearthstone patch is also giving players some much-needed of quality of life improvements for the friends list.

Quote From Blizzard

New Features—Expanded Recent Players List and In-Game Reporting

Recent players capabilities have been expanded and improved in the friends list. Now, there will be a dedicated section at the top of your friends list that includes last opponent, former friends, new friends, your current opponent, and more.

Additionally, we’re happy to share that player-reporting will soon be added to the in-game friends list menu! You’ll be able to report players from the recent players list (including your current opponent) or from your friends list. Grounds for reporting will include inappropriate names, inappropriate chats, and inappropriate gameplay. We’re putting the finishing touches on this feature, so you’ll see hints of it in the game with this patch, and it’ll become available soon!

We expect this change will make it a lot easier to report any players that you think are breaking the rules (and no, playing Curse Warlock doesn't count), since the expanded friends list means you can queue another game without losing the BattleTag of the offender. With in-game reporting soon(TM), players should be able to report troublemakers with a lot less hassle than before.

Is this going to improve your Hearthstone experience? Share your thoughts in the comments!