Unsurprisingly, it's a modest patch for Hearthstone Mercenaries - with a few special portraits (you might've seen some of them showing up before on various bounty icons in the game) being given to all players who've completed the tutorial before, and yet another Old God special limited-time event on the horizon. 

What should be the most interesting piece of news here is not something that's happening today or perhaps anytime soon, but the team has clearly felt it's important to get the word out on the upcoming exchange system for excess coins. After all, it's one feature all players have been looking forward to pretty much since the mode's launch.

Last but not least, there's been also a number of various bug fixes for abilities, equipment, and bounties - we don't know whether it covers all that wasn't working properly, seeing how many issues were being previously reported.

Here is the official word on all things related to Mercenaries: 

Quote From Blizzard

Mercenaries Updates

Login Now to Get Three Free Portraits!

Any player who has completed the Mercenaries tutorial* will receive special Portraits for Tyrande Whisperwind, Millhouse Manastorm, and Xyrella! These Portraits are a thank you to everyone who has tried out Mercenaries since its launch. We know that you’ve all been eagerly waiting to see what major changes we’ve been working on this year, including what you’ll be able to do with your excess coins.

Later this year, we’ll be adding a system that will let you exchange some of your excess coins for random coins for a Merc you own but haven’t yet Maxed. We’re also still working on the end-game content that was hinted to in the Year of the Hydra announcement, including a way to use excess coins to add power and personalized traits to your Maxed Mercs, all of which we still expect a bit further down the line.

It has taken us a little longer than we’d hoped to implement these systems, but we wanted to let you know we have a clear plan on our goals for these projects, we are actively working on them, and they are coming. We consider this to be our highest priority in Mercenaries development; we just need some more time to make sure it’s done correctly.

This is a one-time award for accounts that have already completed the Mercenaries tutorial when Patch 23.6 launches. Those players will automatically have these portraits added to their Collection. These Portraits may become available to other players through other means at a later time.


New Limited-Time Event: Yogg-Saron

The Old Gods continue their onslaught as Yogg-Saron turns its many maws towards Mercenaries. You will be able to take on MADNESS itself in this limited-time event, starting on June 30. The event will consist of 10 special Tasks centered around the Old God Yogg-Saron. Two new event Tasks can be unlocked on each of the first five days of the event, but you have until July 15 to complete all 10 Tasks. Completing all 10 Tasks will get you the Yogg-Saron Mercenary, a random Golden Yogg-Saron Portrait, the Diamond Yogg-Saron Portrait, and 700 Mercenary Coins! Naga, Casters, and a couple of Night Elves will be integral in this battle.

New Mercenary:

Yogg-Saron (Legendary Caster)

  • Old God
  • 10/80 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Lunatic Gaze 5 (Shadow): (Speed 2) Deal 15 damage to an enemy, or restore 15 Health to a friendly character. Randomly swap the Speeds of their Abilities.
    • Mind Yoggle 5 (Shadow): (Speed 6) Give a friendly character +5 Attack this turn. They Attack a random enemy. Old Gods’ abilities Refresh (1) for each Attack so far this turn.
    • Oh My Yogg 5 (Shadow): (Speed 15, Cooldown 15) Randomly use 5 other Abilities from Mercs in play with random targets.
  • Equipment:
    • Piercing Gaze 4: Lunatic Gaze does an extra 5 damage.
    • Lash of Hysteria 4: Mind Yoggle gives an extra +5 Attack.
    • Awakening Roar 4: Battlecry: Old Gods’ abilities Refresh (4).

Yogg-Saron coins have replaced Garrosh Hellscream Coins as the reward for the Garrosh Hellscream Bounty (in the Sunken City Zone). Yogg-Saron and its Portraits will not initially be obtainable through packs or crafting. Yogg-Saron and its Portraits all be obtainable through normal means in a patch after the event ends. Y’Shaarj and its Portraits can now be obtained through all normal means.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

  • Lowered the requirements for Y’Shaarj’s Tasks 3 and 10.
  • Fixed a bug causing “Complete a Bounty at Level 30” Tasks to sometimes not complete as written.
  • Fixed a bug preventing all “kill two enemies in one turn” Tasks from tracking.
  • Fixed various bugs with Diamond Portrait voicelines.
  • Fixed a bug where the Heroic Queen Azshara Bounty did not unlock after the completion of the normal Fish of N’Zoth Bounty.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Queen Azshara’s Bleed and Freeze Abilities from working in her Bounty Boss encounter.
  • Fixed various text, visual, and functional bugs with several Mercenaries Abilities, including bugs with Maiev’s Imprison Ability and Queen Azshara’s Mage Paramount Ability.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ice Block Talisman Equipment would trigger even if the owner had Divine Shield that would have protected it.
  • Fixed a bug with the removal of Stealth if all characters have Stealth.