The latest patch includes new skins for some champions from the Rift Quest line. This skin series sees your favorite champions partake in a game of Rift Quest, Runeterra's equivalent of Dungeons and Dragons, or Tabletop Role-Playing Games. So we've got fantasy characters playing a fantasy tabletop game while you play a card game. Sweet!

Reddit user u/Riot_DanCast, who is a verified member of Riot Games, confirmed that there will be no bundles for Rift Quest. They also confirmed that Garen was supposed to also get a skin in the form of Rugged Garen, but that it wasn't completed in time.

Rift Quest Skins

The following champions have received Rift Quest skins:

Tabletop Tavern Board

New Emotes


Are you excited for the Rift Quest skin line? What character would you like to see as a TTRPG plater, and what class would they be? Let us know in the comments below!