Last week's balance patch aimed to shake up the meta and the exploration of the newly unlocked potential of the buffed cards has continued over the weekend. In this article, we'll take a look at five decks that gained a clear boost with the arrival of Patch 3.10, as shared by LoR YouTube content creators. Don't forget to visit them to see the decks in action!

Kalista/Hecarim Ephemerals

LuckyCAD slapped both buffed Shadow Isles champions in the same deck and created this Ephemeral-heavy list around them. With Hecarim's updated level up, cards like Dragon Ambush hit very different than before.


Dyce decided to pair the buffed Shen with his old friend Zed to create this Ionia-centric list that also borrows some tools from Demacia to help with the demand for Barriers.


I'm afraid we will have to mention this one too. Riot wants to live dangerously and gave this menace of old another nudge towards becoming part of the meta once more. Sirturmund embraced the chance to play the deck again but also added some newer tools like Storm of Blades in the mix to keep things more fresh.

Gnar/Udyr Transform

Riot clearly wanted people to try out the pre-historic transform package that was released alongside Gnar and Snnuy was happy to oblige. Don't forget to check out his Lulu cosplay as well if you already haven't done so.


In addition to yet another functionality tweak to Ashe, the deck got some stat buffs for Babbling Bjerg and Avarosan Hearthguard as well. NicMakesPlays has shared a video deck guide of the list below, featuring all of the aforementioned.

What has been your favorite balance change so far? Or are you already firmly sitting in the next expansion waiting room? Share your thoughts in the comments below!