Marvel Snap dropped their July 2022 Developer Update video for the Love and Thunder Season (that sounds like something else, doesn't it?), and it has some interesting tidbits--particularly regarding Nexus Events.

Although it features distressingly little rapping, we still got quite a bit of info from Ben Brode in this short video. You can watch the video here, then scroll down to read as we make sense of everything it taught us.

July 2022 Developer Update

What are Nexus Events?

Let's break down what we know about Nexus Events, and try to clear up some of the mysteries surrounding the upcoming addition to Marvel Snap.

The folks at Second Dinner dropped this helpful nugget following the video's release, which explains a little bit about what to expect from a Nexus Event:

Quote From Stephen

Each Nexus Event has a fixed pool of rewards where you get everything in a certain number of opens. There is also a timer for the focus cards (i.e. Mighty Thor/Destroyer or Valkyrie/Hela) to make sure you get them.

In addition, if you have one of the base cards (i.e. Hela or Destroyer) already then their base card is removed as a potential reward meaning you get the ones you dont have faster and in less opens.

Nexus Events are limited time events, each themed around a specific card or cards, and are envisioned by the developers as another way to get new cards into the game. We can expect to see a Nexus Event every couple of weeks once they've gotten the ball rolling.

Each Nexus Event is framed around featured cards. The featured cards are part of a fixed pool of rewards that you get from opening "packs," and you can get all the rewards if you open enough of them--with an emphasis on getting the featured cards. Also, Nexus Events have duplicate protection so you don't have to worry about opening cards you already have.

It also appears that Nexus Events are one way for the developers to address the "targeted card acquisition" problem that currently plagues the Collection Road. If enough players complain about not cracking a particular card from Pool 3 or later, the devs have the ability to feature that card in a Nexus Event and give players a more controlled chance of adding it to their collection.

When are we going to see a Nexus Event in-game? Well, according to Ben, there are going to be two Nexus Events this month. The first will feature the newly buffed Destroyer and completely new card, Jane Foster. The second will be all about Valkyrie and Hela.

Still confused about what's going on? Don't worry, Brode's got you:

Quote From Ben Brode

We have a detailed blog we are working with drop rates and all that stuff to give a more full picture!

New Game Mode?

At the very end, Ben seemed ready to drop some knowledge about the upcoming competitive mode that the team has been teasing on Discord for the last couple weeks. Unfortunately, he was censored before he could share its name and so we learned very little about it.

We can't really tell what it will be, but we do have some idea of what the new game mode won't be. We know for a fact that it won't be a mode where you can practice against AI, or a friendly challenge mode, as it has been stated multiple times that both are further down the road--closer to the game's global launch which, we are legally obligated to state, has no current ETA.

Ben is also on record saying that they aren't currently working on a mode similar to Hearthstone's Arena (Source), so we expect that the new game mode won't feature drafting.

Could it be a tournament mode, or something else entirely? We'll have to wait to find out.

Have your own speculation to add or want to point out something we missed? Share your thoughts in the comments below!