Yesterday, we got some Warlock cards revealed that are specifically synergistic with Imps. Namely, Flustered Librarian, Vile Library, Impending Catastrophe, and the big power-player of the archetype, Imp King Rafaam. Who's to say we won't see more of them later either?

Flustered Librarian Card ImageVile Library Card ImageImpending Catastrophe Card ImageImp King Rafaam Card Image

The existence of these Imp-synergy cards does however pose a question: What exactly counts as an Imp? The answer to that question is not as obvious as you might expect. Given the way that synergy for Treants works, or how Raid Boss Onyxia works for Whelps, your first inclination may be to believe that anything with "Imp" in its name (and depicts an Imp) counts as an Imp for these cards.

And that's true. All of those cards do count as Imps, but that's not all of them though. There are quite a few minions in the game which are Imps, but don't explicitly say so in the card name. According to Leo Robles, all of these cards count as Imps (and thus, will work with the Imp synergy cards) despite not having the word Imp in the card name:

Fiend Card ImageImprisoned Homunculus Card ImageRusted Devil Card ImageTiny Knight of Evil Card Image

Vulgar Homunculus Card ImageStreet Trickster Card ImageUnlicensed Apothecary Card ImageSneaky Devil Card Image

Envoy Rustwix Card ImageRing Matron Card Image

Fiend and Rusted Devil are created by Dark Alley Pact and Rustsworn Cultist respectively.