HearthCasual had a chance to speak with Mike Donais and Conor Kou about Battlegrounds on this week's podcast. Here's our recap of the important parts - you can listen to the full podcast if you wish down below.

Interview Highlights

  • King Magurgle is a 6/3 Murloc (Tier 5). Battlecry & Deathrattle: Your Murlocs get +2/+2.
  • Dragons will be added to Battlegrounds.
  • Inviting 7 players into Battlegrounds is on the todo list.
  • They are happy with Nightmare Amalgam since it makes the game more fun. They may make it weaker in January, possibly making it a 2/2.

Additional Details

  • An autochess Tavern Brawl was being worked on starting in February 2019 by Conor Kou.
  • In late March 2019, they decided to put together a team to make Battlegrounds.
  • There was a lot of effort put into developing features that Hearthstone lacked - rearranging minions was a big one.
  • They've been very happy with the community's reception with the mode.
  • December 5 will be launch of the initial stats page. A month or two later will have more stats.
  • They don't know what could happen with rewards or any other systems - only worried about gameplay right now.
  • They were worried about adding a 5th tribe, but playtesting has been fun. More than that may require rotating an old one out.
  • Bringing heroes closer to balance is a big goal of theirs and they will work towards it.

Listen to HearthCasual Episode 44

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