As Legends of Runeterra's next big balance patch 3.13.0 gets closer, Game Designer Steve "RubinZoo" Rubin took to Twitter to share his thoughts on ideal patch outcomes by listing them in five tiers.

  1. New Meta Loop - increased experimentation through viability changes.
  2. Regional and Archetypal Diversity - always the target but tough to execute.
  3. Updates to "never meta" Champs/Decks - not just via direct buffs.
  4. Reverts - bringing back old powerful archetypes.
  5. New decks - usually through new content.

Quote From RubinZoo

I've been pushing this year for us to measure patch success more by overall metagame disruption. Which means more nerfs - extending beyond decks that are clear overperformers in our data. Here's my quick thoughts on what the best patch outcomes are and what we should aim for:

Tier 1: New Meta Loop Low/Mid tier decks become more viable. A new metagame experimentation loop ensues. We have a wide range of playable decks, and while the meta will eventually settle into "best decks" - the time period of fresh meta and experimentation is awesome.

Tier 2: Regional and Archetypal Diversity Redistribute deck diversity for overall regional playrates and macro archetypes. This one is a clear aspiration for any patch, but execution is the toughest. The more you do, the less accurate any foresight becomes.

Tier 3: Updates to "never meta" Champs/Decks Bring champions/archetypes that rarely see play into the meta. Historically, just buffing things isn't usually enough here. This both helps us design stuff in dev with confidence and ensures that new champs can be satisfying.

Tier 4: Reverts Patch brings back champions/archetypes that have been meta dominant before (especially in the last 6 months). If we nerf too hard, meta regressions without reverts are also possible. Reverts are an easy path to disruption, but it can feel bad to relive metas.

Tier 5: New Decks Create brand new decks from the patch. This can be a breath of fresh air, but it's also the most dangerous (Darrowing comes to mind). Generally, new content is the workhorse for creating the most compelling new decks, but new contenders can spice things up.

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