[Updated on August 5]

24 hours (and counting) after the expansion launch for Murder at Castle Nathria, we were bound to stumble upon a handful of bugs or various ongoing issues. As usual, some of them have already been officially documented, while others only tend to come up across multiple reports from the community. Any pending fixes might take a little while longer to arrive. 

Update: It would seem a few of the issues listed below might've been silently resolved under the hood. There wasn't any official announcement or a hotfix patch, just the changed status for the Blizzard's Patch 24.0 forum thread. We've adjusted the notes accordingly. 

Here is a quick list detailing what we are currently aware of, based on the official Blizzard forums and a number of Reddit/Twitter posts:

Castle Nathria Launch - Bad, Bad Piranhas and Murlocs

Not a long section by any means, but now with some good news:

Quote From Blizzard

  • [Added 8/2] The team is aware that the Sunken City game board is erroneously available Arena, even though Sunken City is not legal in this Arena rotation. This allows for a fringe case where Transfer Student can give a card that doesn’t work properly, due to the eligible card pool.

  • [Resolved 8/3] The team is aware that Sir Finley’s Task 2 is not currently tracking. The team is temporarily disabling the Sir Finley visitor while the Task issue is being worked on.

At least it didn't take long for the new Mercenary's task chain to return in a working fashion. But Transfer Student's misadventures apparently continue. Why continue? When Patch 24.0 went live to set up the expansion, the card's evergreen Discover option was also coming up blank on the new Castle Nathria board - presumably due to nothing being eligible as a pick back then, what with Prince Renathal not counting.

Sir Finley Card Image Transfer Student Card Image

Quote From Blizzard

  • [Resolved 8/3] The team has resolved a bug where playing Primordial Wave would break “After you summon” effects, like that of Piranha Swarmer.

Looks like the team might've gotten to the bottom of this other persistent issue, apparently naming Primordial Wave as the culprit? Hopefully that means smooth sailing from now on, for Piranhas and everything else that wasn't working.

Piranha Swarmer Card Image Mecha-Shark Card Image Anchored Totem Card Image 

Quote From Blizzard

  • [Resolved 8/3] Murloc Holmes could cause crashes in certain edge cases.

We've seen a ton of reports blaming the renowned Murloc detective for crashing people's games by putting them in a state of permanent freeze. It's mainly been a problem in Arena and Duels, perhaps because the card isn't exactly being played much in Constructed. 

If that rings any bells, you'd be correct. We've been dealing with something similar before courtesy of one Nellie, the Great Thresher. The only solution was to notice this in time and restart immediately.

The note above states things should be back to normal by now, so here is hoping. Meanwhile, you could still disenchant the sneaky murloc for full dust value. Just as a suitable punishment. 

Murloc Holmes Card Image

Then there are the new achievements with their varied bugs, something we are used to by now. Can't remember the last time all of them tracked the progress as intended. Topior seems to be the newest suspect here. 

As noted by our community members in the comments below, the achievement involving Suspicious Minions also struggles to correctly update. 

Topior the Shrubbagazzor Card Image

There might also be some problems with claiming the returning player's decks.

On the Radar

A handful of notes on a couple of features and updates that are yet to happen, courtesy of Celestalon: 

Quote From Celestalon
would it be possible to implement search in collection manager for word Imp, to show all the cards that are summoning imps, not just minions, so we could know what works with new Rafaam.

Yep, that's coming.


We did have a full imp-actful coverage of this topic before, so it will be nice to see something that doesn't require keeping all of that in mind constantly.

Dark Alley Pact Card Image Fiend Card Image

Quote From Celestalon
Any chance of getting random hero portrait to change game by game for Arena runs (like card backs do), rather than stick for an entire run?

It's something we're considering. We thought it would be better per-run, but open to changing that based on feedback.


Hmm, now that the multiple portraits feature is here with us, which solution would you prefer for your Arena adventures?

Quote From Celestalon
Here's a suggestion if this feature doesn't exist. When you dust a golden copy and it informs you that it's in a deck. after dusting the system would automatically replace it with normal one if you got one. Would be nice little QoL update.

Wow, we were *this* close to shipping this without anyone asking for it. Thanks for ruining it.

(This is coming in 24.2.)

Surprise? A little quality of life change and all that.

Quote From Celestalon
will it ever be possible to upgrade uncraftable cards to golden? Sire Denathrius is calling!

No, any uncraftable cards come from specific sources, and we wouldn't want to circumvent that.

Ow, well. So still very counter-intuitive. 

Quote From Celestalon
as the features person any update on the report feature also when we get it will we have the ability to report obvious bots

Yeah, sorry about the false start on the In-Game Reporting feature. We thought it was going to be ready just a week or so after 23.6 launched, but ran into some unexpected issues on the server side that required some additional work. We're working through it, couple more weeks.

And yes, there is an option to report bots in it.

Still coming along, even though it feels like many of us sort of forgot about it already. 

Duels Bugs

Our favorite Associate Test Analyst put together a small list of ongoing issues with Duels:

Quote From Daniel Duffin
Here are the known Duels-specific bugs in 24.0:

- Banned cards can appear in group learning buckets

- Format conversion button appears in Duels Collection

- Cannon isnt detecting location position correctly

I'll add to this as more are discovered but things look smooth so far🤞


That Druid's twig just doesn't want to leave peacefully. 

Twig of the World Tree Card Image Cannon Card Image

A couple of further clarifications:

Quote From Daniel Duffin
[…] the twig thing in group learning buckets is a bug yea. We should see it disappear from group learning buckets over time. But ill see if we can find a quicker solution.

Quote From Daniel Duffin
Its possible to get two buckets from the same category. Were working on it 👍

Just imagine all the Elwynn Boar Angry Chicken buckets you could find. 

Patch 24.0 Hotfixes

There hasn't been anything important that we didn't already report on before, in case you missed the whole Moonlit Guidance saga and Battlegrounds + Duels adjustments. And the new Daily/Weekly Quests should be active again. 

Brittle Bones Card Image Moonlit Guidance Card Image

Beyond that, the only other two previous entries from the Blizzard forum thread read as follows:

Quote From Blizzard

  • [Resolved 7/26] The team is aware that Achievements that granted Sunken City cards were able to be claimed after Patch 24.0 went live and that for many players those cards were already claimed. This is not a bug, but part of the shift from one expansion period to the next. Those are cards that were given on the Sunken City Rewards Track, converted to Achievements in anticipation of the end of the Sunken City expansion period. Some people have already received those cards and completed those achievements; others will still have a chance to earn those free cards by completing those achievements later.

  • [Partially Resolved 7/26] The team has received reports of players receiving Yogg-Saron Tasks in Mercenaries even after completing Yogg’s task chain, and then getting blocked after completing Task 2. The team has identified the cause of this issue. We are temporarily disabling Yogg-Saron Tasks while we work on a solution, which will be scheduled for a future update. It is expected that players who had this errant Yogg at their Campfire will have that slot vacated for a less corrupting visitor.

Patch Notes - Game Improvements + Bug Fixes

Now, when the big Patch 24.0 came online the other week, we covered various fixes and changes as they pertained to their relevant game modes - separately with Duels, Mercenaries, and Battlegrounds. 

But we never spent much time on anything else not fitting within a specific category. If you don't reguarly put the patch notes under the microscope, perhaps some of these didn't even actually appear on your radar. In that case, it's better to be aware late than never:

Quote From Blizzard

  • Fixed a visual bug where the filter in the Collection Manager would appear blank on some devices.
  • Fixed a visual bug with the 1000 wins animation.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Drakonid Operative’s effect from triggering.
  • Fixed a bug where if you attack a minion and then play Multi-Strike, you are unable to then attack the enemy hero.
  • Fixed a bug where Eureka! summoning a Colossal minion that had its cost reduced would result in the Colossal minion summoning double the appendages.
  • Improved shop lag and performance issues.
  • Fixed bugs preventing the “Harold Who” and the “Killamari” Achievements from tracking.

The Multi-Strike fix is of particular note if you enjoy playing your Demon Hunter. Turns out this wasn't intended, after all, just only took an entire preceding Sunken City expansion to get here. 

Multi-Strike Card Image Drakonid Operative Card Image Eureka! Card Image

The achievement fixes came way too late, unfortunately, when they also disabled the XP gains at the same time. That does feel rather silly. 

Last but not least, it's always good to see improvements to the Hearthstone client. The game has its fair share of sins when it comes to (not) running smoothly. I don't know about you, but personally I've indeed noticed that the in-game shop doesn't tend to be nearly as laggy and slow as before. The most welcome change.


If you like using deck trackers, or Hearthstone Deck Tracker specifically, you might've noticed there was some early unfair advantage to be had when it came to 'suspicious minions' - with the tool outright telling you which card was picked by your opponent and taking the guessing part out of the game. 

The necessary fix should be already in (otherwise this goes against Blizzard's Terms of Service, after all), but this isn't exactly the first time deck trackers managed to uncover information that wasn't supposed to be readily available. 

Suspicious Alchemist Card Image Suspicious Usher Card Image Suspicious Pirate Card Image

And for anyone caring about this sort of thing: with the recent Patch 24.0, it was uncovered that the Lightning Bloom nerf becomes reverted (gaining mana crystals instead of just refreshing) when playing through various Solo Adventures content. Who knew the technology was there?

Lightning Bloom Card Image

That should about cover everything for this post-launch report. We'll keep you posted should more issues (and preferably fixes) come up. 

How about your own experiences with the expansion, did you manage to keep the bugs at bay? If you know of anything else that isn't working properly, do tell!