Murder at Castle Nathria has arrived and with it came a bunch of bundles that can either expand your collection or bling it up.

Castle Nathria Card Pack Bundles

In case you didn't pre-order or feel the need to fill up your collection faster, Blizzard provided two Rank 1 bundles right on the launch day.

  • Murder at Castle Nathria Bundle for $19.99, containing 10 Castle Nathria packs, 10 Standard packs, and two random legendaries.
  • Golden Murder at Castle Nathria Bundle for $39.99, containing 12 Golden Castle Nathria packs and one random golden legendary.

Buying these bundles unlocks another pair of Rank 2 bundles with increasing size and price.

  • Murder at Castle Nathria Bundle for $39.99, containing 25 Castle Nathria packs, 25 Standard packs, and two random legendaries.
  • Golden Murder at Castle Nathria Bundle for $79.99, containing 25 Golden Castle Nathria packs and two random golden legendaries.

Constructed Skin Bundles

All big skin bundles have now left the shop, and the only new addition was the new Castle Nathria-inspired Garrosh skin, which comes alongside 5 Warrior packs in a bundle priced at $9.99 or your regional equivalent.

Garrosh the Chained Card Image

The returning Madame Lazul and Maiev Shadowsong skins still remain in the shop for another week, at least. The former was the pre-order Priest skin for Rise of Shadows back in 2019, and the skin later returned for a limited time shop deal. Unlike last time, when the skin was sold for $11.99, it now costs $9.99 or 1500 gold.

Maiev, in turn, could be obtained for free via a special Quest celebrating the beginning of the Year of the Mammoth in 2018. The skin was later purchasable for $6.99 or 1000 gold from the in-game shop for a couple of weeks before later becoming purchasable for 1200 gold from the hero skin tab. The better-value deal has now returned.

Madame Lazul Card Image Maiev Shadowsong Card Image

Battlegrounds Bundles

No special bundles for Battlegrounds in the shop this week.

Rewards Track Skins

Another set of skins now live are those in the Rewards Track. The Tavern Pass that allows you to get your hands on these skins, as well as plenty of other additional rewards, can be purchased for $19.99 from the in-game shop.

Songstress Aranna Card Image Ardenweald Lunara Card Image Sanguine Sylvanas Card Image Reveler Kael'thas Card Image

Venthyr Liadrin Card Image Kyrian Tyrande Card Image Suspect Maiev Card Image Morgl Holmes Card Image

Scullery Nemsy Card Image Prince Renathal Card Image

I guess the last section was a partial lie, as the paid track also includes a new Battlegrounds Bartender and five skins:

Butler Dribble Card Image Sinstone Sneed Card Image The Honorable Ashfallen Card Image Gravewing Galewing Card Image

Undercover Chef Cutterbutter Card Image Mr. Jigglesworth Card Image

Did you buy any of the bundles above? Did you have Legendary luck? Let us know in the comments below!