It's time for our monthly Master Duel event, but this one seems to be more competitive than previous ones. While every event so far focused on a certain theme, and each player was doing their own thing, the upcoming Duelist Cup actually pits players against one-another in a competitive environment.

Here's everything that we know (all dates are in regards to EU times, NA might have things happen the day before):

  • The event starts on August 9th, after Maintenace is completed, and ends on the 22nd.
  • It'll use the same Ban List as Ranked, but players only have 300 seconds to take their turns.
  • There will be two stages.
    • Stage 1 takes place between the 9th and the 22nd, basically lasting for the duration of the event.
      • Each player will have an associated "DLv." (likely standing for "Duelist Level" or something similar), which can go between 1 and 20.
      • Winning increases your DLv., losing decreases it.
      • You cannot lose DLv. between 2 and 15, and you cannot drop below DLv. 17 and DLv. 20.
      • You cannot drop lower than your maximum DLv. minus 2 (so if you maximum Dlv. is 19, you cannot go below 17, even if there was no safety net there).
      • Once you reach DLv. 20, you qualify for Stage 2
    • Stage 2 takes place between the 19th and the 22nd, basically the last 72 hours of the event.
      • Players now have an associated DP (again, it probably stands for "Duel Points" or the like).
      • Winning will increase your DP, losing will decrease it.
      • We don't have exact numbers on how DP is distributed after duels.
      • The goal is to earn as much DP as possible.
  • Depending on your rank during Season 7 (the one that just ended), you'll automatically start at a predetermined DLv.:
    • Bronze or lower: DLv. 1
    • Silver: DLv. 3
    • Gold: DLv. 5
    • Platinum: DLv. 7
    • Diamond: DLv. 10

That's pretty much all we know so far about the event. There's a mention of rewards in the in-game post, but we have no idea what they are. We'll have to wait for the event to start to find out.

Are you participating in the Duelist Cup? What decks are you bringing? Let us know down below!