We sort of knew that nothing special should happen this week as far as Constructed Hearthstone meta is concerned - what with the 5th Masters Tour tournament being just a few days away - but apparently not all players shared such a strong convinction. Following another inquiry on the matter, we've been given further solid confirmation via Abar, Product Manager for Hearthstone Esports:

Quote From DeckTech
Confirmation: no balance changes before MT.

Quote From Abar
@Abar_HS @GallonHS should we expect any balance changes before the MT on Friday? 
Nope. Also Gallon no longer works on final design. :) 

Now, this isn't exactly breaking news, as we've already been quoting the words of Hearthstone's Final Designer Aleco Gereco on more than one occasion - and thus such expectations were pretty much set ever since the release of Patch 24.0 that paved the way for Murder at Castle Nathria expansion:

Quote From Aleco
No standard balance changes are coming with 24.0. We are planning to patch as soon as we can after the new set is out, which is ~2 weeks.

Unsurprisingly, nothing has really changed during this first week with the new set. No cards have been deemed as terribly overpowered or game-breaking as to warrant any 'super short notice emergency fixes'. However one might feel about that suspicious party consisting of Brann Bronzebeard, Kael'thas Sinstrider/Wildheart Guff, and Sire Denathrius

Constructed Hearthstone Meta So Far

We've been keeping a close eye on all early meta shifts since Murder at Castle Nathria opened its gates to everyone, in case you ever need a quick refresher: 

And there should be plenty more to talk about - before, during, and after the upcoming Masters Tour!

How do you feel about this not-really-big-news? No need to press any nerf buttons just yet as the metagame continues to develop, or would you say something might be deserving of more immediate attention?