Marvel Snap dropped their August 2022 Developer Update video for the Heroes for Hire Season and, while it mostly concerns itself with the details of the upcoming season, Ben Brode did give us a little more information about the game's release. Check it out in the video below.

August 2022 Developer Update

Quote From MarvelSnap

It's a new month and a new season! Join us for HEROES FOR HIRE as we introduce a brand-new card: DAREDEVIL. There's also a ton of variants, card-backs, avatars, locations and more to come this month. Finally, we're in the process of localizing MARVEL SNAP with Spanish being the first language! Feedback is crucial at this stage of development, so be sure to join our official Discord channel or follow us on your preferred social media so you can share your thoughts with us!

New Card and New Locations

We covered the initial release of Daredevil here. Suffice it to say that the Season Pass card has a very interesting effect that captures the flavor of Daredevil. As Brode mentioned, he works well with cards like the Guardians of the Galaxy (Gamora, Drax, Groot, Star Lord, Mantis, and [Snap Card (Rocket Racoon) Not Found]) that work when you know what your opponent will do; it's also just good because information is really powerful in any card game.

The video also teased two locations: Luke's Bar and Hell's KItchen. The effect of Luke's Bar returns any card played there to its owner's hand (we'll discuss this effect in more detail when it's featured, but On Reveal effects will trigger before the card bounces back to hand). Meanwhile, Hell's Kitchen draws each player a 1-Cost card.


It's OK if Ben gave you a bit of a heart attack when he said they couldn't ship the game. Of course, he was only pausing dramatically before clarifying that new language localization is coming to Marvel Snap, starting with Spanish. It sounds like the game won't go into full release until it's localized into 15 different languages, so we'll definitely keep an eye on future announcements.

Nexus Event Refunds

A quick clarification from the Discord, as some players wondered where the Nexus Event refunds (and new card) were with the new Season launching, so the developers had to tell everyone that those are on the way, coming with the new patch.

Quote From Stephen

When will Nexus event gold be refunded?

Stephen: Gold and Jane Foster will come with the patch. Today was a season turnover. The patch is not out yet. Coming soon!

The Bugged Box

Finally, we got an interesting mystery that came with the Season turnover: after updating, some players opened the game to discover a Mystery Box waiting for them. However, attempting to claim this box caused the game to freeze. What was this box? Why did it suddenly appear? What does it contain? Well, turns out it's just a bug.

Quote From Stephen

What is inside the mystery Boxes??

Stephen: It was a bug. There is nothing inside. Or was there? No really it was a bug

How do we get out of the bug?

Stephen: Kill the app and restart it

Have your own speculation to add or want to point out something we missed? Share your thoughts in the comments below!