Riot has revealed Norra, the first Champion exclusive to Legends of Runeterra! She will be the Bandle City representative in the upcoming "Awakening" expansion and she is linked to the new Boon, Mysterious Portal. You can see her, the reveal video, and four more cards that were revealed today down below.

New Boon - Mysterious Portal

Revealed yesterday, the Mysterious Portal Boon will summon you random 2 or 3 cost followers upon drawing the Boon card. We also got further information about the Boon via Twitter from one of the Senior Designers, Jon "RiotIAmWalrus" Moormann:

Quote From RiotIAmWalrus

Some portal facts! - they do not contain units with play effects, plunder, day, or nightfall - basically only units you are happy to put directly into play - solitary monk was exiled from the portals after ending at least two playtest games I am aware of

Norra Champion Reveal

Norra Card Image

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Norra Card Image Norra's Portalpalooza Card Image

Portalpalooza Card Image

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Realm's Caretaker Card Image

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Living Library Card Image

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Eclectic Collection Card Image

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Norra Reveal Video

Would you like to see more LoR exclusive Champions in the future? Let us know in the comments below!