The card reveals for "The Darkin Saga: Awakening" expansion continue with two collectible multi-region cards and plenty of equipment tokens.

New Mechanic - Improvise

Riot, did you forget a little something? No definition of Improvise have been shared so far, but we'll update the post once they do. We can be fairly certain that Improvise cards are able to generate the Equipment tokens below but under which condition(s) is uncertain.

Well this one is wordy:

  • Choose one from two random options from a depleting pool of Equipment and equip it to this ally. If the ally wasn't played from hand, it equips a random Equipment instead.

Two new Weaponmaster-type cards utilizing this new mechanic were also revealed.

Fireth, Reaper of the Sands Card Image

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Ionian Hookmaster Card Image

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New Equipment Tokens

The Fix-Em 5000 Card Image Pot O' Pain Card Image Sandworn Amulet Card Image Fishawhack Card Image

Upcycled Rake Card Image Shepherd's Authority Card Image Combat Reel Card Image Pan O' Pain Card Image

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