Riot has revealed Jax, the fifth Runeterran Champion! His deckbuilding condition is very similar to Kayn, except with Weaponmasters instead of Cultists. You can see him, the reveal video, and two more new collectible cards that were revealed today down below.

New Vocab - Improvise

In case you've missed the description of the new mechanic (or Vocab as Riot calls it), here it is one more time:

  • Choose one from two random options from a depleting pool of Equipment and equip it to this ally. If the ally wasn't played from hand, it equips a random Equipment instead.

Jax Champion Reveal

Jax's Champion spell also includes a new mechanic, Forge, which was explained on Twitter. It came with an ominous additional description "The fire burns as hot as the demigod who commands it."

  • Forge: Grant an ally +1/+1. If the ally is equipped, grant it to their item instead.

Jax Card Image

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Jax's Counter Strike Card Image Sharesies Card Image

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Entrancing Lure Card Image

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Jax Reveal Video

What do you think of Runeterran Champion Origins tied to certain subtypes? Let us know in the comments below!