The Developers at Second Dinner have been answering community questions over on the Marvel Snap Discord. We've gone through to find the most interesting answers from the past week and summarized them for you here.

  • This recap covers answers given on the Discord from August 24 through August 28.
  • This is not an exhaustive recap of every answer. We've picked out answers to questions that we either felt were the most interesting, enlightening, or provided additional context to previous answers.
  • The transcript below covers the full answers given to the points we've summarized; for the full experience you'll have to scroll through the Discord and see what we haven't covered.
  • If you want to read our previous Developer Discord Recaps, they can be found here.

Patches and Balance

  • They are trying to keep the same pace of patches - currently the average is one per month.
  • The next patch is coming soon. It will have fixes for visual bugs and balance changes, which the devs say should be "lots of fun."
  • When nerfing a card, they keep in mind potential changes in interactions with other cards (for instance, changing Sunspot to a 2-Drop means it is no longer countered by Killmonger). However, they believe that the change to the card itself is a much bigger factor in determining its power level post-nerf.


  • Variant sales in the shop are "doing well." They're glad players seem to like the art in the game.
  • The best-selling Variant in the shop is one of Carnage.
  • An Armor variant from the Atlantis Beach Party season (June) wasn't released, and is being saved for next summer.
  • At some point in the future, they plan to allow players the option of assigning a "cosmetic loadout" to each of their decks.
  • They are trying something different with cosmetics in the ranked rewards system next Season.

Card Acquisition

  • The replacement for Nexus Events is not ready yet, but they aren't going to leave out any of the planned Nexus Event cards.
  • The new system will line up with the Seasonal cadence. They don't expect to be behind on releasing the new cards.
  • They plan on giving players more control over card acquisition, but Boosters will not be part of it.
  • It is in their plans to eventually change Booster drop odds by tying them to the amount of Boosters a player has of particular cards rather than card rarity.

Game Modes

  • They are planning a number of different game modes, but still working out some of the details. They neither confirmed nor denied the eventual existence of a Draft mode.
  • Currently, they do not plan on adding a single player Story Mode.

Team Answers Transcript

Quote From Snap Developers

Is the goal for patching pace to be 1 patch per season? There are a lot of visual bugs right now

Stephen: We are trying to keep the same pace of patches. Lots of fixes for visual bugs in the next patch. (Source)

Can we have a sneak peek on next buffs and nerfs?

Stephen: Patch is coming soon. Lots of fun changes in this one. (Source)

When making balance updates, how much consideration, if any, is put into how a change in cost would interact with various cost-specific card and location effects? For example, if Sunspot was thought to be too strong at 1-cost and was changed to 2, putting it out of range from being destroyed by Elektra and Killmonger could be considered an improvement instead of a reduction.

rada: We definitely consider this when changing cards, majority of the time though the impact of the change to the card itself is a much bigger factor (Source)

How are the variant sales in the shop? What you expected, over, or under?

Stephen: Doing well. The art in the game is super dope and we are glad you guys dig it (Source)

What is the best selling variant? like the top 1 most bought

Stephen: What do you think?

I think it's Carnage

Yeah this would also make sense

Stephen: Pixelonik got it right! Well done. Let there be Carnage (Source)

During the Wave season, the banner art showed an Armor art variant where it looked like she was doing a cannonball into water. The variant wasn't part of the season rewards nor have I seen it in game since. Will that ever be available? It looked really cool!

Stephen: It exists. We are saving it for next summer (Source)

With all the new avatars entering the ecosystem, I think it would be fun to be able to associate an avatar with a deck, like you do a card back. Then when you play that deck, your avatar switches appropriately.

I unlocked the Dr. Doom avatar, and in my very next box got Dr. Doom card so I'm running them together for example.

Stephen: This is in our plans. Cosmetic loadout by deck. We will get to it at some point! (Source)

How does the team feel about distributing avatars as ranked rewards?

Stephen: Trying something different next season. Curious what everyone thinks! (Source)

Out of curiosity all of the previously planned NE cards Valkyrie/She Hulk and presumably a few more we missed this month. now that it’s two months behind in releases; will the previously scheduled unreleased cards be released in conjunction with the NE replacement or will we always be perpetually two months behind the intended release window?

Stephen: When we add a new way to get cards it will line up with our seasonal experience. Don't worry we won't be behind and cards won't be left out (Source)

Have you guys considered eliminating boosters and replacing it with something like shards or "infinity stones" and when you collect X amount you get to unlock a card of your choice?

Stephen: We want to give some more control over card acquisition but it will not be from boosters (Source)

Is the system still set so that all cards common and uncommon cards get an increased probability of boosters and all other rarities get an equal chance or has that changed? And is there any ideas or plans for the future with that?

Stephen: We have made no changes to this since beta started. It's on our list to make it based off boosters owned instead of quality in the future (Source)

Is there a draft mode on the table?

Stephen: We are planning alternative game modes but still working on details (Source)

Will there be a "story" or "adventure" mode (like Hearthstone's) in which you advance against certain bosses only using specific decks or strategies?

Stephen: Never know but nothing in plans right now. We prefer players telling their own stories about their journey each season (Source)