All the way back in Patch 23.6, Hearthstone's friends list was expanded to include "recent players capabilities", and we were also promised that in-game reporting would soon follow. Originally, this was meant to happen with the release of Patch 24.0 leading towards the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion, but the plans suffered from an unfortunate delay. Not for long however, as the most recent major Battlegrounds patch has finally turned it all into a tangible reality. 

Quote From Blizzard

Feature Update: In-Game Reporting
In-game player reporting is now live for all players. You can now report friends, current opponents, and past opponents from the friends list menu. Grounds for reporting include inappropriate names, inappropriate chats, and inappropriate gameplay. Now we can all work together to make sure the tavern is a safe and inviting place for everybody to play!

Now that we've had a full week to test this added functionality, we have more answers to any initial concerns and inquiries there might've been. And it doesn't seem that anyone has been unjustly banned so far, which is undoubtedly a promising sign.  

In-Game Reporting System - Developer Insights and Clarifications

The very first time we've actually heard something about this very feature was during the Year of the Hydra announcement back in April. Hearthstone Features Lead Celestalon and his team have even managed to deliver on several other promises since then

And it's Celestalon who has taken it upon himself to share further developer insights, answer questions, and even offer a small demonstration with step-by-step in-game screenshots and all. 

Quote From Celestalon
At long last, In-Game Reporting is finally here! You can report people that you've recently interacted with, or are friends with, for Inappropriate Name, Inappropriate Chat, or Cheating. (And no, intentionally losing still isn't an actionable offense.)

What the new Reporting system looks like (Source)

So that last part could be considered pretty confusing, right? If intentionally losing "isn't an actionable offense", then why is it even there as a valid option (vague as it is)? Our best guess would be evil bots, should a huge amount of people end up reporting the same account repeatedly.

Or perhaps it's all just a clever test, set up to see how many players would vengefully 'tell on' anyone who might've been roping or afking too much for their taste - despite such behavior potentially working out in their favor as a free pass at more ranks, achievements, or experience. And in that manner, could be just a 'feel good measure' to placate the most nervous?

Quote From Celestalon
Hey, but if I will build achievement deck that’s aiming to progress something and not precisely win - will my opponent be compelled to report me for deranking?

One question. What if I concede multiple times ( because, you know, my opponent is not my jam ) do I get in trouble now..

Reporting options are based on what people want to report, not what we take action for.


Quote From Celestalon
Is roping an offense?

No. It may be unsportsmanlike, but it’s within the rules of the game.

Celestalon actually had even more to say about such notions back in May: 

Quote From Celestalon
So “intentional losing” clarification question. Assume I have a “Play 3 games with X Class” Quest. I cue a game and then make breakfast; cue and then do the dishes; c and brush my teeth. This is punishable? Hypothetically of course! ūüėé

Knew there'd probably be questions about that one… Just because something is reportable doesn't mean it's punishable. These categories are designed to match up with what reporters want to report. It doesn't change our policies on what we take action on.

That last one could be relevant in the case of, for example, wintrading, or perhaps some hypothetical MMR bug exploitation. But no, we're not gunna ban you for playing Yes Paladin. ;)


So you know, you can seemingly rest easy there. 

Other Details

If you play a lot of Battlegrounds, you might've also noticed that there are currently certain limitations in play. Perhaps some day. 

Quote From Celestalon
Battlegrounds poses the additional UI challenge of having 7 opponents. Adding 7+ people to the Recent Players list felt like too much with the current UI, so we opted not to for now, and have more ideas there for the future.

Yep, reporting by game, or reporting current opponent, or a different Recent Players UI that allows for more players… Many different potential solutions here, all of which require additional work. :)


And still, the one major concern remains for many players, as historically certain Blizzard titles had problems with handling and distinguishing between 'wrongful' reports:

Quote From Celestalon
what measures you taking to ensure this system isn't abused and innocent players who emote or take their time etc from being banned and losing all the money they have invested in this game

We have a very long-standing system of customer service that is prepared to handle these reports appropriately.

Quote From Celestalon
We won't be able to give you feedback about your report at initial launch, but are working on that for the future. "Someone you recently reported was actioned, thank you for helping make the community a little cleaner." sort of message.

At least the developers seem convinced we should be able to avoid running into such 'unfortunate accidents'. After all, nobody would like to wake up to their Hearthstone account suddenly being banned for no particular reason. Downright ruins any relaxing coffee/tea moments. 

And any kind of feedback would be certainly great to see further down the line. 

The Early Version

Just for fun, Celestalon has also allowed us a peek at the early version of the feature, when the reporting reasons hadn't yet been finalized. Ah, to think what could've been with such politeness on display. 

Quote From Celestalon
And because it makes me chuckle every time I see it, here's a behind-the-scenes look at our early mockup for this feature, when we didn't yet know what our list of reporting reasons was going to be, but needed to put something there. :D

How do you feel about the new In-Game Reporting system now that it's been with us for a little while? Have you found a justified case to make any use of it yet? Let us know in the comments!