As expected, we got some new bundles for the anime-inspired constructed skins that were added to the game in the latest patch. These two, as all new future skin bundles, are only purchasable with Runestones.


In case you've somehow missed it, Hearthstone got a new currency that can be used to buy everything available in the shop. If you want to learn more about their pricing, check out the spoiler below.


You can find monetary conversions of the Runestones to selected currencies below:


As you may have noticed, the biggest bundles aren't actually the cheapest option to obtain Runestones. While the prices of USD/EUR bundles aren't radically different, in GBP you'd be losing a relatively high amount of money if you bought anything but the cheapest bundle. We've bolded the best deals in each currency in the table above for your convienience.

Pack Bundles

The same trio of card pack bundles from last week still remains, with nothing new added:

  • Golden Standard Bundle (2 Golden legendaries and 10 Golden Standard packs): 5000 Runestones ($49.99)
  • Mini Golden Standard Bundle (1 Golden legendary and 5 Golden Standard packs): 2500 Runestones ($24.98)
  • Standard Bundle (1 legendary and 10 Standard packs): 1000 Runestones ($9.99)

Constructed Skin Bundles

Last week we got a new Elise Druid skin in a bundle that also included 5 Druid Class packs and a special card back. This week she was joined by two new magical skins for Nemsy and Tyrande, with both bundles also including 5 packs for the respective classes. The Elise bundle is priced at 1500 Runestones ($14.99) while the two new bundles without a card back will cost you 1000 Runestones ($9.99).

Magical Guardian Elise Card Image Love Guardian Tyrande Card Image Sparkle Guardian Nemsy Card Image

Battlegrounds Bundles

Nothing new for this week, I'm afraid. The same seven skins from last week remain in the Battlegrounds shop, with Star Scout Scabbs being free for everyone and the six other skins being individually purchasable for 150 Runestones.

Star Scout Scabbs Card Image Xyrella, Mi'da's Champion Card Image Cariel, Hammer of Light Card Image Moonlight Familiar Eudora Card Image

Prime Suspect Rafaam Card Image Baroness Vashj Card Image Delivery Deryl Card Image

The paid Season Pass includes even more skins and a new alternative bartender, as seen below. This bundle can be bought with 1500 Runestones or the equivalent amount of real money ($14.99).

Tuxedo Bob Card Image Dark Flight Malygos Card Image Magic Guardian Elise Card Image Nozdormu, Time Warden Card Image

Adventure Beauty Reno Card Image Shadow Helm Saurfang Card Image Mystical Mentor Nguyen Card Image Bigglesworth, Feline Guide Card Image

George the Fated Card Image Omencaller Prestor Card Image Dawn Guardian Varden Card Image Spellbound Baz'hial Card Image

AF Kitsune Card Image Deal Speaker Blackthorn Card Image Secret Destiny Aranna Card Image Spellwinder Toki Card Image

Additionally, the Mystery Mayhem emote bundle and Anima Crypt strike, previously sold for $4.99, are still purchasable with 500 Runestones (the same price).

Are any of the bundles above appealing to you? Let us know in the comments below!