As mentioned a few days ago, there's a new Selection Pack in the shop: The Newborn Dragon! This pack doesn't introduce any new archetypes in the game, but it offers powerful support to some existing ones, like Albaz, Borrel, Swordsoul, Blue-Eyes, and more. Here's a breakdown of the cards in the pack, separated by archetype and sorted by card type.

Fallen of Albaz

The highlight of the pack. Technically speaking, there's a few archetypes here that work together. We have Branded, Dogmatica, Springans, Tri-Brigade, and, of course, the Albaz fusions. Oddly enough, Fallen of Albaz, the centerpiece of the archetype, isn't in the pack. You'll have to fork over 90 SR CP or pray from some nice pulls from the Master Pack if you want to get it. Keep an eye on the site for guides on this archetype, both in terms of gameplay and lore.

Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon Card Image White Relic of Dogmatika Card Image

Springans KittEffect MonsterRNEW
Tri-Brigade MercourierEffect MonsterURNEW
Lubellion the Searing DragonFusion MonsterURNEW
Mirrorjade the Iceblade DragonFusion MonsterURNEW
White Knight of DogmatikaRitual MonsterSR 
White Relic of DogmatikaRitual MonsterSRNEW
Branded FusionNormal SpellURNEW
Branded DiscipleContinuous SpellNNEW
Branded LostContinuous SpellURNEW
Tri-Brigade Stand-OffContinuous SpellN 
DogmatikamacabreRitual SpellSRNEW
Branded SwordNormal TrapNNEW
Dogmatika EncounterNormal TrapN 
Judgment of the BrandedNormal TrapR 
Springans Call!Normal TrapN 
Branded RetributionCounter TrapRNEW


As classic an archetype as you can get. This package focuses on expanding the Fusion side of the archetype with Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon and Ultimate Fusion, as well as making it easier to flood the board with Blue-Eyes Jet Dragon and Vision with Eyes of Blue.

Blue-Eyes Jet Dragon Card Image Ultimate Fusion Card Image

Blue-Eyes Jet DragonEffect MonsterURNEW
Master with Eyes of BlueEffect MonsterN 
Blue-Eyes Tyrant DragonFusion MonsterSRNEW
Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate DragonFusion MonsterSR 
Vision with Eyes of BlueContinuous SpellRNEW
Rage with Eyes of BlueQuick-Play SpellN 
Ultimate FusionQuick-Play SpellRNEW


Another anime archetype, this time from a far more recent series. The Borrels rely on using their subarchetype, the Rokkets, to bring out powerful Dragons from the Extra Deck, usually Links. Borrelend Dragon is the only new card in the pack, but it's a powerful one.

Borrelend Dragon Card Image

Exploderokket DragonEffect MonsterN 
Rokket CaliberEffect MonsterR 
Rokket RechargerEffect MonsterN 
Silverrokket DragonEffect MonsterSR 
Borrelend DragonLink MonsterURNEW
Borrel RegeneratorEquip SpellN 
Borrel CoolingNormal TrapN 
Execute ProtocolsContinuous TrapN 


This archetype would've made a lot more sense in the October pack, since it's Halloween themed (actually, that also goes for all the Zombies in the pack). The deck makes use of the under-utilized and quite slow Flip Summon, and it gets some powerful new additions in this pack, especially with Ghostrick Shot.

Ghostrick Siren Card Image Ghostrick Festival Card Image

Ghostrick LanternEffect MonsterSR 
Ghostrick NekomusumeEffect MonsterN 
Ghostrick SirenEffect MonsterSRNEW
Ghostrick WitchEffect MonsterN 
Ghostrick FestivalLink MonsterURNEW
Ghostrick MuseumField SpellR 
Ghostrick ShotNormal SpellRNEW
Ghostrick or TreatNormal TrapSRNEW
Ghostrick ScareNormal TrapN 
Ghostrick VanishNormal TrapN 


Hellfire Dragon, Ghost Wyvern Card Image Ghost Fusion Card Image

Ok, something no note about these cards: The English name for this archetype is supposed to be "The Underworld". The names have been translated from the original "Hellfire [thing], [name]" to "[name], the Underworld [thing]" (you can see the difference by hovering over the cards in the table). We're calling them Hellfire because 1) there's a lot "the Underwold" cards that have nothing to do with these, and 2) it sounds cooler.

Thankfully, the cards themselves don't really rely on their names or have anything to do with each other, aside from Wyvern and Sleeper being able to fetch Ghost Fusion. The archetype in general is good support for Zombie decks.

Interestingly, none of the new cards have been released in the TCG yet, which is quite unusual, as most cards are in both formats before coming to Master Duel. The archetype has two other monsters in Master duel, Ghost Charon, the Underworld Boatman and Dragocytos Corrupted Nethersoul Dragon.

Ghost Wyvern, the Underworld DragonEffect MonsterSRNEW
Ghost Sleeper, the Underworld PrincessEffect MonsterRNEW
Ghost Lancer, the Underworld SpearmanEffect MonsterRNEW
Dragonecro Nethersoul DragonFusion MonsterSR 
Ghost FusionNormal SpellRNEW


Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon Overlord Card Image

Last of the anime archetypes on the list, Odd-Eyes focus strongly on Pendulum summons, with the Supreme King cards as a related archetype. Only one new card, in the form of Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon Overlord.

Odd-Eyes DragonEffect MonsterN 
Odd-Eyes Lancer DragonEffect MonsterN 
Odd-Eyes Saber DragonEffect MonsterN 
Supreme King Gate InfinityEffect MonsterN 
Supreme King Gate ZeroEffect MonsterN 
Odd-Eyes Rebellion DragonXyz MonsterR 
Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon OverlordXyz MonsterURNEW
Supreme King Dragon Dark RebellionXyz MonsterR 


Swordsoul Sinister Sovereign - Qixing Longyuan Card Image Swordsoul Strategist Longyuan Card Image

We've talked about the Swordsoul archetype when it came out, and we even have a dedicated Combo guide for it. Now it gains the final few support cards, including a powerful Synchro Monster in Qixing Longyuan

Swordsoul Auspice ChunjunEffect MonsterN 
Swordsoul Strategist LongyuanEffect MonsterRNEW
The Golden SwordsoulEffect MonsterSRNEW
Swordsoul Sinister Sovereign - Qixing LongyuanSynchro MonsterURNEW
Swordsoul AssessmentNormal TrapN 
Swordsoul StrifeContinuous TrapRNEW


Vampire Ghost Card Image The Zombie Vampire Card Image

Last archetype to receive support in this pack are the Vampires. Those mostly focus on taking control of enemy monsters in some way. Only 3 new cards here, with the rarest ones being in the Extra Deck. 

Shadow VampireEffect MonsterR 
Vampire GhostEffect MonsterRNEW
Vampire Red BaronEffect MonsterN 
Vampire VoivodeEffect MonsterUR 
The Zombie VampireXyz MonsterURNEW
Vampire FascinatorLink MonsterSRNEW
Vampire's DomainContinuous SpellN 
Vampire KingdomField SpellN 
Vampire TakeoverNormal TrapN 

Generic Cards

Dictator of D. Card Image Mystical Elf - White Lightning Card Image

A number of cards don't strictly fall into any of the above archetypes neatly. A good number of these cards are support for Dragon decks.

Crow TenguEffect MonsterN 
Dictator of D.Effect MonsterSRNEW
Kaiser Glider - Golden BurstEffect MonsterSRNEW
Keeper of the ShrineEffect MonsterN 
Lady of D.Effect MonsterN 
Mystical Elf - White LightningEffect MonsterURNEW
Yakusa, Lord of the Eight ThundersEffect MonsterSRNEW
Dharc the Dark Charmer, GloomyLink MonsterSRNEW
Clear New WorldNormal SpellRNEW
Dragon Revival RhapsodyNormal SpellR 
Top ShareNormal SpellRNEW
DracocensionContinuous SpellN 
Heritage of the LightContinuous SpellNNEW
Loop of DestructionContinuous TrapN 
SetuppercutNormal TrapN 
Tribe DriveNormal TrapNNEW