More fancy cosmetics have been stocked up in the Master Duel shop. Swordsoul fans get not only some support from the newest pack (details on that soon), but also a spiritual looking Duel Field, as well as an Icon. Additionally, the Elemental line of Protectors goes on, for anyone less devoted to any one archetype.

New Duel Field - Mount Swordsoul

High up on the mountains, where the wyrms feel at home. Some mysterious patterns can be seen behind the rocks, hinting at the interesting Swordsoul lore. At least if the official description is to be trusted.

Available for 600 Gems.

New Protectors - LIGHT and DARK

As mentioned above, these sleeves are part of the 6 main Attributes of YuGiOh. Now only WATER is left to complete the theme. Will it get added before DIVINE? Your guess is as good as ours.

Each is available for 100 Gems.

New Icon - Swordsoul Supreme Sovereign - Chengying

The biggest Swordsoul of them all. Though it is a bit peculiar how these themed cosmetics get added after the archetype was at its peak popularity. Will we get a Mirrorjade Icon before it befalls the same fate?

Available for 50 Gems.

Are you hooked on any of these digital decorations? Or would you rather spend your gems on the new pack? Share your thoughts down in the comments!