Changes to the Forbidden & Limited List have been announced for the OCG. Though the format is unique in its own way, some changes could inspire the future decision we might be seeing for the TCG and Master Duel. This time around, Konami was certainly out for blood, as we see them primarily limiting the key cards of the most powerful meta strategies. The official information can be found on Yu-Gi-Oh's JP page.

Banned Cards

Wandering Gryphon Rider Card Image Union Carrier Card Image

Arguably the reason Adventurer became so popular in the first place was thanks to Gryphon Rider. With that gone, the next best alternative would be Illegal Knight, which despite its name, is still allowed at 3 copies per deck. Realistically though, this spells the end for the Adventurer Engine.

Limited Cards

Spright Jet Card Image Primeval Planet Perlereino Card Image Yata-Garasu Card Image

Almost a dozen limits! The two main archetypes of Spright and Tearlaments have taken quite a hit in consistency. Both in regards to their own cards, but also supplementary additions, such as Swap Frog for persistent swarming, and the powerful self-milling of Ishizu's Agido and Keldo. In other news, following the path of the TCG, we can celebrate the freedom of Yata-Garasu and Time Seal for yet another format.

Semi-Limited Cards

ABC-Dragon Buster Card Image Water Enchantress of the Temple Card Image The Phantom Knights of Torn Scales Card Image

In true OCG fashion we get an abundant amount of semi-restrictions. That comes with another small hit to Tearlaments, while archetypes that used to benefit from the Adventurer Engine are slightly lifted.

Unlimited Cards

Danger!? Jackalope? Card Image SPYRAL Resort Card Image Magical Meltdown Card Image

Lastly, more old archetypes have been removed from the banlist. Even if none of these will have a large impact on the meta, it's nice to make the semi list slightly less crowded.

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