The Wild ladder might be more quiet this weekend, as some players will be testing their skills in this week's Wild Heroic Brawliseum. But that just means there's more room for fun community decks to play around with!

If you're braving the Brawliseum, we've gathered some tried, tested, and tweeted decks here.

Jade Deathrattle Rogue

A combination of the old Jade strategy and some Deathrattle support, with Jade Swarmer being the key combining factor. This list has taken 1nfern all the way to Diamond ranks.

Kazakusan Taunt Warrior

CapnMunch has cooked up quite a list that transitions from fast Quest completion to big Dragons, Chef Nomi, and finally Kazakusan treasures.

Highlander Paladin

More Dragons, but with some fishy Murloc friends. This deck from Esparanta uses the latter to keep the early game under control before seeking victory via the big stats of the former.

Elemental Mage

Who needs Reno when you gain endless healing (after playing Frost Lich Jaina) with your army of Elementals, Lokholar and Neptulon in particular? Hugsja has also added in some Hero Power synergy cards for good measure.

Questline Paladin

A well-performing Questline list from the Chinese Legend ranks. The amount of 1-Cost cards should allow Questline completion almost on curve, and Sire Denathrius offers a final push if your token-like strategy doesn't seem to get over the line by itself.

The trail of evidence led you to Wild ladder? Find some additional clues from these community decks.

Came up with something awesome yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!