No slowing down in this dubious courtroom, as the trial unfolds. With the new Maw and Disorder Mini-Set for Murder at Castle Nathria just announced, the second Neutral Legendary card has now been presented to us! It is time for the Big Bad himself to enter the stage - behold, The Jailer! 

  • As usual we're going to see 35 new cards, with a trial theme visible throughout!
  • You can find the full ongoing card reveal schedule and all countdowns on our special page.
  • Make sure to follow along with all the card reveals through our dedicated articles, and see all of it collected in our Mini-Set guide.
  • 24.4 Patch notes will be posted on Monday, September 26.
  • The patch launches, alongside the new cards, on Tuesday, September 27.
  • Besides all of the Mini-Set additions, there will also be new content for Hearthstone Mercenaries.

New Cards Revealed

The Jailer Card Image

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It all comes via Hearthstone Twitter, with a special newspaper page fresh off the print. 

Immune Effects

The rare Immune keyword has been greatly popularized since the introduction of Raid Boss Onyxia, but it's still capable of causing confusion among the playerbase. To recap its implications for greater clarity: 

  • Immune minions cannot be directly damaged or targeted by the opponent (you can still buff them yourself).
  • Just like with Stealth, Immune minions won't be capable of having Taunt effects active.
  • Non-targeted or AoE removal will still hit Immune targets - be it Twisting Nether or Deadly Shot.
  • The same logic applies to effects that can Freeze and stop Immune enemies for a turn - think Flurry (Rank 1) or Blizzard