Riot shared a preview into the upcoming card change patch 3.15.0 and it seems to be as big as the mid-expansion balance patches have lately been. Here are the early highlights in short:

  • 27 buffs have been announced alongside 9 nerfs.
  • A total of 8 Champions will get a buff, with one getting a direct nerf.
  • Popular cards like Concurrent Timelines and Riptide Sermon can be found on the nerf list.

Full details will be announced in the patch notes next Tuesday, September 27.

Quote From Riot

Sneak Peek at the upcoming Balance Adjustments!

We’re hitting some high performing decks and giving our underperforming champions a little love. We’re also adjusting our Daybreak decks to bring them back into the light.

Quote From plinq

There are two buffs that didn't make the main announcement that are also part of the patch:



sorry about the confusion!

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