Maw and Disorder, Murder at Castle Nathria's mini-set, goes live tomorrow, September 27th, and we've got some thoughts on the new cards coming for Shaman, Warlock, Warrior, and the Neutrals. Let's go over the them and see where we're headed in the mini-set meta. Have a good read!

In case you missed it, a few days ago we published our Murder at Castle Nathria mini-set prediction article - how well do you think we did?

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Torghast Custodian Card Image

We'll be concise: as things are right now, this card isn't remotely playable. Not only it needs 3 enemy minions to be on the board in order to be at full power, but there are far more powerful things you can do with 8 mana.

See it like this: Varian, King of Stormwind is an 8-drop with almost the same keywords, but it also draws 3 good cards from your deck, and it's not seeing any form of play. A round of buffs is needed.

Framester Card Image Framed Card Image

This is actually a pretty cool card. We've never seen a design that even went close to Framester's: Overloading the opponent has always been a pretty popular mechanic among the Hearthstone community, and now it's finally in the game (or better: it will be in a matter of hours).

However, we're a bit worried that Framester's effect might be too slow: not only your opponent needs to draw the Framed cards in order to be crippled, but the Overloaded crystals will affect the player during the following turn, not in the current one. Sure, control strategies will feel the hit, but aggressive decks may totally ignore Framester and keep hitting you in the head.

For these reasons, we are a bit on the meme side rather than the competitive one.

Totemic Evidence Card Image Totemic Evidence Card Image

For reference, Basic Totems are Stoneclaw Totem, Strength Totem, Searing Totem and Healing Totem.

A rather good card. Yes, Basic Totems are not particularly exciting per se, but things change when you can combined a fully Infused Totemic Evidence with other class tools like Bloodlust, Bioluminescence or, why not, Convincing Disguise. Moreover, Totemic Evidence singlehandedly discounts Gigantotem by 4 mana, which is a pretty big deal.

Obviously, the Infuse (3 Totems) is quite the stiff requirement, which can be quickly met only in Totem Shaman: this will probably prevent the card from seeing play in any other deck, but it doesn't change the fact that, in that one strategy it's supposed to work with, it's going to be very practical to use and abuse.


Habeas Corpses Card Image

Very interesting card: a 3 mana Eternal Servitude that gives the resurrected minion Rush is pretty sweet - the fact that the unit will die at the end of the turn may not even be a problem, especially if it has Deathrattle that you really want to trigger.

To be fair, we expect Habeas Corpses to prepare the field for an upcoming archetype, therefore not seeing much play right now, but this doesn't change the fact that the card looks really promising.

Arson Accusation Card Image

Hey, this is actually quite good! If you gave this card to any other class, Arson Accusation would've been a lot worse; however, Warlock has access to many self-damaging tools, first of which is the Life Tap Hero Power: 4 mana draw a card and destroy a minion is solid. We are not particularly high on The Demon Seed potentially making a comeback, but at the same time Arson Accusation can see play in many other slow strategies.

On a final note, you may as well cast Arson Accusation and chill: your opponent pushing face damage will trigger it for you. We expect this card to see plenty of play.

Imp-oster Card Image

Imps are very fragile if taken by themselves, but Imp King Rafaam and Vile Library can change things for the better quickly. Yes, you do need another Imp on the board for Imp-oster to not be a plain 1 mana 1/1, but even an early Flame Imp into Imp-oster deserves respect. All in all, a strong addition to Imp Warlock's arsenal.


Weapons Expert Card Image

A very particular Battlecry, which makes Weapons Expert a good play in every situation: you'll almost never play it as a plain 3 mana 3/2, which is a great design choice - if you want a weapon, it will draw you one; if you already drew all your weapons, you'll get a buff to the one in play. It's not a Pirate, so no Raid the Docks synergy, but we still think it's a very, very solid card.

Now, all it needs is Warrior to be back from the dumpster.

Mawsworn Bailiff Card Image

Priest of An'she has never seen play in almost 2 years of Standard with an equally easy condition to meet, so we do not expect Mawsworn Bailiff to be any different. In the end, stats are not what Warrior is currently lacking, so this unit doesn't solve any of the class' current issues.

Call to the Stand Card Image

1 mana Dirty Rat for Warrior. We think this sentence should be more enough for you all to understand how much [Hearthstone Card (Call to the stands) Not Found] is spicy. In a meta with many powerful payoff/standalone cards, being able to "rat" them out with such ease is going to make slow Warrior strategies significantly better. Furthermore, Call to the Stand can be Discovered by School Teacher, resulting in pretty nutty Brann Bronzebeard shenanigans.

Yes, Warrior is still missing decent card draw, but this is a step in the right direction for the class to come back.


The Jailer Card Image

This card has to be good, right? No way it's bad, not with an effect like this. You obviously do not want to blow up your deck and die to fatigue, so The Jailer has plain synergy with Kazakusan - Dragon deck may actually come back just for players to be able to abuse The Jailer's groundbreaking Battlecry.

The only downside is that, once this effect goes live, you won't be able to Taunt your opponent anymore, since Immune will turn off this keyword, but at the same time the upside is too good to pass up.

Sylvanas, the Accused Card Image

Let's be real: 6 mana Assassinate isn't particularly exciting, especially since slow classes have better tools available; however, this is a Neutral unit and, most importantly, has a Battlecry: both these elements can generate several upsides (Bolner Hammerbeak? Brilliant Macaw?).

With this being said, the Infused form is ridiculous: once upgraded, Sylvanas, the Accused goes from being an overcosted Assassinate to being an undercosted Mind Control, and with a 5/5 body attached to it!

This is a huge card against any form of hand and board buffs (rip Paladin and Warrior), as well as tall units like Insatiable Devourer and annoying Deathrattles (Lightshower Elemental, Mountain Bear): this card will definitely see play in more than one class.

Tight-Lipped Witness Card Image

Remember Darkmoon Races' Deathwarden? This is a Deathwarden for Secrets, and we mean it literally: both are Epics, both belong to mini-sets, both are a tech card and, most importantly, both will see no play.

However, expect Tight-Lipped Witness to appear on the board from a RNG effect and screw you a single time.

Afterlife Attendant Card Image

You see, Infuse cards usually require a low number of minions to die in order for them to upgrade: this is because, if they were too difficult to Infuse, they'd be terrible topdecks and extremely slow. With this in mind, do you really need a Spider Tank that allows you to do something you can already do but a little bit earlier? How about including two cards you actually want in your deck?

The concept is really cool, but we don't think Afterlife Attendant will see any play.

Soul Seeker Card Image

A very interesting tech card, although we're a bit hesitant on Soul Seeker's viability. While it counters Wild Big Priest efficiently, we still do not have high hopes for this unit to see play in Constructed.

See it this way: Mutanus the Devourer and Theotar, the Mad Duke are generally good - even if you're not matched against a combo opponent or one that runs very few minions, taking away a good card from them is almost always a clever move. With Soul Seeker, on the other hand, there are higher chances to miss, and your opponent may turn Seeker itself against you: pretty much like Parrrley! On the other hand, Soul Seeker can be really efficient in slower matchups, although in that case your opponent may have already drawn all the good minions.

We feel like this is a very meta-dependent card, less "generally good" like Theotar or Mutanus but a lot better in environments where you have to specifically counter certain strategies.

What do you think about these cards? Are there any you're excited to play with? Let us know in the comments below!