With the announced Maw and Disorder Mini-Set for Murder at Castle Nathria releasing very soon, we've now reached the conclusion of the fourth and final day of Hearthstone card reveals! Shaman comes last with two more new picks, in addition to the initially revealed Totemic Evidence.

If you've missed out on any of the today's reveals, it started with two cards each for both Demon Hunter and Druid, followed by three new options for Mage, and then we finally ended up here. 

With this, we also now know every single card arriving with the upcoming Mini-Set on Tuesday. Thanks for following along! But it's not all over yet - don't forget to tune in for the Hearthstone Mercenaries reveals and the patch notes on Monday! 

  • As usual we're going to see 35 new cards, with a trial theme visible throughout!
  • You can find the full ongoing card reveal schedule and all countdowns on our special page.
  • Make sure to follow along with all the card reveals through our dedicated articles, and see all of it collected in our Mini-Set guide.
  • 24.4 Patch notes will be posted on Monday, September 26.
  • The patch launches, alongside the new cards, on Tuesday, September 27.
  • Besides all of the Mini-Set additions, there will also be new content for Hearthstone Mercenaries.

New Shaman Cards Revealed

The official Hearthstone Twitter account has revealed the following new cards:

Framester Card Image

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Torghast Custodian Card Image

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Framed Card Image

  • Which other class could hope to receive such a notable Battlecry effect? Now everyone will have to learn how exactly the Overload mechanic works (the mana crystals always lock for the following turn, not the same turn Framed gets drawn - but technically it could happen that opponent draws cards during your turn and have this come up as an immediate punishment). 
  • Torghast Custodian probably won't take the place of Al'Akir the Windlord in anyone's heart (let alone Walking Fountain). But for Arena, might just help with some comebacks.

The third revealed Shaman card is the one we've already seen during the initial Mini-Set announcement, and as such doesn't count as strictly 'new':

Totemic Evidence Card Image

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Totemic Evidence Card Image