Well, it's about bloody time! The Yu-Gi-Oh community has been waiting for an update to the Forbidden and Limited List for a while now, and at first glance it looks like it might have been worth the wait. Let's see what's in store! (cards without anything in parentheses are new to the list)

Forbidden Cards

Fairy Tail - Snow Card Image Ronintoadin Card Image Chaos Ruler, the Chaotic Magical Dragon Card Image

For the general health of the game, it's nice to see some of the obnoxious non-once-per-turn cards get dealt with. The frogs part of Splight was obliterated, as we see Ronintoadin bite the grass this banlist. In other news, Fairy Tail - Snow also returns to a slumber, much like that one fable about the rotten apple.

Limited Cards

Blackwing - Steam the Cloak Card Image Substitoad Card Image Spellbook of Judgment Card Image

It seems the TCG is now following the lead of Master Duel in a way by releasing Spellbook of Judgment. Many of these unbans have been locked up for quite some time, so it takes some amount of courage to be causing this much historic impact all at once. Substitoad in particular might still be problematic, even if Roanintoadin isn't along for the ride.


A lot of cards were removed from here (see next section), but nothing was added.


Cyber Angel Benten Card Image Fusion Destiny Card Image Trickstar Light Stage Card Image

Again, like the Limited section, some of these cards have been on the list for years. Shooting Riser Dragon didn't really deserve to be on here to begin with, but cards like Nadir Servant and Trickstar Lightstage will breathe new life into their archetypes. Lastly, the release of Benten might cause some worry, though at least Eva didn't get the same treatment.

What do you think of this much awaited Banlist? Share your thoughts down in the comments!