We've got some interesting developments for Master Duel happening. The maximum time limit of the game will drop down from 480 seconds to only 300. If you hate math, that's a 3 minute reduction, from 8 to 5, a fairly significant amount. Konami has been experimenting with this value during the last 2 events, The Duelist Cup and the Synchro x Xyz Festival (the latter is still live for a few days), and this change is now coming to Ranked as well.

The change is going to come in phases. The first phase will come on October 11th, which is when the maximum is reduced to 300 seconds. Also coming then is an increase for the amount of time you get when your turn starts, going up to 90 seconds from the current 60. However, you won't be able to get above 300.

The second phase will come somewhere between November and December. When that happens, the start of turn time will drop back to 60 seconds, but now you'll also get 30 seconds at the start of your opponent's turn (again, can't go over 300). There's likely some back-end reason why they can't just jump to this phase.

What do you think about this change? Will you be able to end your combos on time, or do you need just a few more seconds? Let us know down below!