The newest chapter of the Darkin Saga, Domination, launched last week with three new Champions - Varus, Seraphine, and Vayne. In this post we'll take a look at some of the strongest decks that are centered around Seraphine.

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Seraphine Card Image Seraphine's High Note Card Image


This collab has seen a variety of different directions, from Back Alley Bar to Go Hard and Glorious Evolution. Ionia has also been tested as the second region instead of Shadow Isles. Pick your poison.


Ezreal has also joined Seraphine's fan club in the hope of cashing in with those sweet copied spells down the line.


A more aggressive strategy where Fizz is chipping in with some Elusive damage while Seraphine is sitting at the back row with Gatalyst v1.0 to deal out some extra spell damage to the enemy Nexus.


Rumour has it that even the leader of Noxus likes Seraphine's style and is interested in working together to conquer the meta. Some say the pair met at a Zaunite Back Alley Bar, but the list below disagrees.


Seraphine's songs have drawn the interest of the denizens of the heights of Mount Targon as well. The list might seem like a big mess but you got to be prepared to try out different things in Purrsuit of Perfection.

Have you already tried out the Starry-Eyed Songstress? Share your experiences in the comments below!