With MARVEL SNAP's Symbiote Invasion season underway (and just a few days out from the game's global launch), we've also got a new community event for players to participate in: one that puts them on the side of either Venom or Carnage.

Venom VS Carnage


Assimilate! Fight with Carnage or Venom during the Symbiote Invasion event. Feed them snacks in a struggle for supremacy, and to the strongest symbiote may go the spoils. Open the game and check this event in the News section and start fighting!

How to Participate

To start, you need to tap the News Icon in the upper right hand corner of the starting screen (the "newspaper" icon above the Missions bar). You'll open the news page, and from there you'll want to tap on the "Symbiote Invasion Event" box (not the similarly named "Symbiote Invasion" box):

Once you're in, the game will prompt you to tap the screen, and then it will assign you randomly to either Team Venom or Team Carnage - you don't have a choice (kind of like all those people who have been infected by Venom and Carnage over the years).

You can "feed" Snacks to your Symbiote by completing daily tasks (and claiming them on the event page) and by winning Cubes - one Snack for each Cube won.

The Event ends on Wednesday, October 27 at 8 PM PT (3 AM UTC on Thursday), and one Symbiote will be crowned the winner. All players who participate in the event will get an Avatar of the winning Symbiote when it's over.

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