Ahead of Thursday's planned patch, Mike Donais has taken to reddit to give us some insight into what to expect from it in terms of Hearthstone Battlegrounds, including new heroes, balance changes, and the first iteration of the stats page!

Thursday's patch will also remove the Doom in the Tomb event cards from Standard, and will likely contain the data for the upcoming Descent of Dragons cards, as the expansion launches on Tuesday 10th, and all the cards will be revealed by the end of Wednesday 4th.

Quote From Mike Donais

Has there been any announcement for what is coming on the December 5th Battlegrounds patch/update?

I believe the only thing I remember hearing is that Amalgam is getting nerfed and we may be getting a new hero, but I wasn't sure if anything else was announced yet.

3 new heroes.

Balancing some old heroes.

  • 2 new minions.
  • Amalgam change isn't until January.
  • Balance Lightfang Enforcer to +2/+1.
  • Version 1 of stats page. Version 2 is January or February.
  • Patch notes will be out on Dec 5th most likely.

Fighting Twice in a Row? Don't Expect Fixes Yet

Quote From Mike Donais

Are you still changing hero fight rotation to cant fight the same person again in two turns???? That's the biggest one to a lot of people.

Yes, but not in the dec 5th patch.