Well, this is certainly a surprise! We were expecting to get the announcement for a new Selection Pack today, and instead we got a Secret Pack. While those have been in the game since Master Duel launched, this is the first new one added, despite the fact that we've consistently gotten new cards. Hopefully, this new method of adding cards to the game is here to stay. 

You can learn more about Secret Packs in our dedicated guide. Unlike regular Secret Packs, Alba Abyss won't require you to unlock it for the first 26 days.

Leaving the Shop

Before we get into the new pack, we should mention that Cosmic Ocean, the Selection Pack focused on WATER Monsters, will be leaving the shop in about a week, so this is your last chance to get it!

Albaz Archetype

Fallen of Albaz Card Image Alba-Lenatus the Abyss Dragon Card Image

The Albaz Archetype was actually introduced into the game via The Newborn Dragon Selection Pack (which, sadly, isn't purchasable anymore). This deck focuses on bringing out Fusion Monsters that have Fallen of Albaz as a material, and all those Monsters were introduced with this pack. Oddly enough, Fallen of Albaz, the centerpiece of the whole thing, was already in the game when this Pack released, and wasn't even in the pack.

Thankfully, Albaz is included in this Secret Pack, along with all the Fusion Dragons, most of which weren't in the Selection Pack. It also includes a lot of Branded Spells and Traps, as well as a few Tri-Brigade and Dogmatika cards, all of which support Albaz. Only 7 of the 40 cards included are new, and only 3 of these are SR or higher. 

Card List

Albaz the AshenEffect MonsterSRNew
Albion the Shrouded DragonEffect MonsterR 
Dogmatika Ecclesia, the VirtuousEffect MonsterSR 
Fallen of AlbazEffect MonsterSR 
Incredible Ecclesia, the VirtuousEffect MonsterSR 
Springans KittEffect MonsterR 
The Golden SwordsoulEffect MonsterSR 
Tri-Brigade KittEffect MonsterR 
Tri-Brigade MercourierEffect MonsterUR 
Alba-Lenatus the Abyss DragonFusion MonsterURNew
Albion the Branded DragonFusion MonsterUR 
Brigrand the Glory DragonFusion MonsterR 
Lubellion the Searing DragonFusion MonsterUR 
Mirrorjade the Iceblade DragonFusion MonsterUR 
Sprind the Irondash DragonFusion MonsterR 
Titaniklad the Ash DragonFusion MonsterUR 
Springans MerrymakerXyz MonsterSR 
Branded BondNormal SpellN 
Branded FusionNormal SpellUR 
Branded in WhiteNormal SpellSR 
Branded LossNormal SpellRNew
Nadir ServantNormal SpellUR 
Branded in Central DogmatikaContinuous SpellNNew
Branded LostContinuous SpellUR 
Despia, Theater of the BrandedField SpellN 
Dogmatika NationField SpellN 
Branded in High SpiritsQuick-Play SpellSR 
Branded in RedQuick-Play SpellR 
Branded OpeningQuick-Play SpellN 
Branded BanishmentNormal TrapSRNew
Branded ExpulsionNormal TrapNNew
Branded SwordNormal TrapN 
Dogmatika EncounterNormal TrapN 
Dogmatika PunishmentNormal TrapR 
DogmatikaturgyNormal TrapNNew
Judgment of the BrandedNormal TrapR 
Screams of the BrandedNormal TrapN 
Springans Blast!Normal TrapN 
Springans Call!Normal TrapN 
Branded RetributionCounter TrapR 

Quote From Konami (in-game notifications)

The new Secret Pack "Alba Abyss" is here!

A new Secret Pack is available with cards related to "Fallen of Albaz"! New cards like "Alba-Lenatus the Abyss Dragon" are also included. Be sure to check them out!

Also, for a limited time until Dec 26 05:59, the Secret Pack will be available for purchase at all times. Don't miss out!

*After the period, like other Secret Packs, these cards will appear through Card Packs or by Generating cards.

Additional Packs : Alba Abyss Recommended Cards (Special Picks)

The Fallen of Albaz transforms into various dragons. His appearance as a Fusion Monster is the culmination of his past experiences. His journey into the abyss has only just begun.

*Cards newly included in Secret Packs will also be available from Master Packs.

*The first four cards of the Secret Pack are common to all Secret Packs and are drawn from the same cards as the Master Pack, while the fifth through eighth cards are drawn from the featured cards for each Secret Pack.

For details, please go to: Shop > Secret Packs Sale Page > Details > Important Notes

For more information, check the Shop.

Thank you for playing "Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL."

What do you think of this Secret Pack? Do you like this way of getting new cards, or do you prefer Selection Packs? Let us know in the comments below!